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Monday, 20 January 2014

Story Excerpt: When Kellan Meets Theone

Hi everyone!  Today, I decided to share a story excerpt from my second novel, His One and Only (The Lycan Princes 2) on my blog.  I'm super excited about Kellan and Theone's love story.  And I have to say their story is tender and sexy! I've learned a lot since writing my first novel and all I can say is that I'm falling in love with my princes and their mates. I hope you enjoy!  Take care and cheers!
Jorja :)

Story Excerpt

His muscles rippled and flexed beneath the surface of his skin, just before his adrenaline spiked. The natural inclination of his body to prepare itself for combat was instinctual. That was the easy part. What forced his heart to skip a beat was the lone man in the vacant room. Kellan had never run from anything in his life, but in this moment he wanted to do just that, to turn around and run. Something stopped him from taking that step back. Conviction filled his hesitation, reminding him that he was the first man in his unit to dive into a situation.
His inner debate shuddered to a violent halt when the metal door slid open. It exposed a dimly lit hovel of grimy, hastily stacked crates and a huddled body that scrambled to twist into a smaller target. It stank of urine, blood, and fear. The terrified whimper from the little man tore a hole in Kellan’s rapidly beating heart.
Within his next breath, Kellan stepped inside and froze in the exact same spot he did when the stranger visited him in his dreams. He quickly scanned the filthy space and took that first step forward, hesitating and wary of an unknown source stopping him. His long powerful legs ate up the length of the small hovel before he dropped to his knees in front of the vibrating mass of cocooned filth.
Something broke in Kellan, something so deep and integral to his sanity crumbled from the sight of the tiny man shivering before his massive body.
“Please, don’t hurt me,” the bundle whispered, the voice garbled from the swollen mouth and finger bruised neck.
Kellan’s head dropped to his chest in fury. Tears hovered at the corner of his eyes from the voice of his broken angel. The crushing sensation in his chest left him numb. He was barely able to raise his head when another broken sob echoed into the storage space.
“No one is here to hurt you, angel. I’m here, it’s Kellan.”
He blinked back his tears and hushed the tiny man when he tenderly pulled Theone in his gentle embrace.
“No one will ever hurt you again, I promise you, Theone.”
Theone jerked from the sound of his name whispered. The tension in his body was so brittle.
Kellan feared Theone would snap in two with just a breath. Not knowing how to ease the fear he scented, Kellan merely held him and rocked back and forth, murmuring inconsequential nonsense. It seemed to work. He felt the tension slowly ease from the man’s pencil thin limbs.
“You told me that you would find me and you kept your promise, thank you,” Theone murmured against Kellan’s chest, tears falling against the scratchy surface of his tunic.
Kellan’s brain took a nasty dump on his senses, reeling from finding this man through a dream, considering he’d practically fled into the night on a rescue mission slapped together with duct tape and a prayer. He pulled away to peer down at his bundle.
“I knew you would come for me. I’ve been sending you dreams for so long, I knew you would find me.” Theone hesitantly touched Kellan’s tunic-covered chest with his swollen fingers.
For the first time in his life, Kellan was speechless from Theone’s soft confession. He blinked back his shock and tucked away his scurrying thoughts behind a careful expression. He studied the battered face carefully. Kellan hesitated before he gently pushed away the clump of hair that covered half of Theone’s face. The pouty curve of the man’s mouth stirred Kellan’s dormant cock. He flushed deep from the arousal that shook awake from a forced slumber. Kellan silently cursed, ashamed of his body’s reaction to his ward. Theone was his responsibility now.
Kellan softly gasped when a small delicate hand glided lightly over his chest, taking the time to feel the muscles beneath his tunic. A sweet smile curved around the cracked lips of his ward. The hand journeyed higher, inch by inch, until his fingertips carefully stroked the strength in Kellan’s muscled neck.
Kellan’s eyes briefly closed. He involuntarily shuddered from the soft exploring touch. The sweetest voice fluttered his eyes open.
“You are more than enough.”
Kellan gasped from the soft declaration. He tightened his arms around Theone, careful not to crush the injured hand that cradled between their chests. The simple touch of the stranger unleashed a maelstrom of shivers and awakening desires. He leaned into the questing hand that glided to his whiskered cheek, allowing a low purr to vibrate through his chest. A sweet giggle had Kellan smiling as the little hand stroked him like the cat he was.
“The hair on your face tickles my fingers and your purring is vibrating through me. You must be a handsome man.”
Kellan frowned and angled his head. He stared into the man’s vivid blue eyes, feeling the exploring hand taking the time to learn each dip and hard plane of his face. Kellan’s breath hitched in his chest when the pieces fell into place. The man from his dreams was blind.

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