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Saturday, 25 January 2014

It's Release Day!

Super excited to finally say, yes, it's release day!  His One and Only is now live and as always I'm bouncing with excitement and nerves! 

This story had me in twists, not because of writing it, because I loved writing it.  It was more from the expectations from everyone who read the first book and asked the question about Kellan.  I was half way through Theone and Kellan's story when I submitted My Everything to Siren-bookstrand. I did a lot of editing and rewriting His One and Only making it better, because I wanted my readers to really enjoy the book.

I've learned from the first book is that I can't make everyone happy, and some won't like it and some will hate it.  That goes with the territory.  All I can do is write what's in my heart and make the characters come to life and engage the reader.  So, I hope everyone enjoys the next book and fall in love with Theone and Kellan like I did.  It's a tender story that shows a softer side of Kellan and the strength of Theone.

So, I wish everyone a great and wonderful day.  Take care and cheers!


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