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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

It's Release Day for His Forever (The Lycan Princes 3)!

Hello everyone!

Yes, I've been MIA for awhile and I can only say I've been extremely busy.  With what you may ask? Well, my third novel from my Lycan Princes series is finished and I started a new MMMF series that is coming soon, but that will be another story to share later on!

So the big news today is that it's RELEASE day for His Forever (The Lycan Princes 3) at I'm so excited and I'm proud of this story.  I had a lot on my plate while writing this novel BUT I did it and now I'm just smiling! Here are a few treats for everyone to enjoy.  Take care and cheers!

Lennox Ursa has a problem.  When he turns one hundred years old, he’ll undergo his species' Maturity Cycle. Since he’s single and practically celibate, the chances of him finding a mate in the next few hours to stop an agonizing transition into adulthood is nil. In a desperate attempt to save his life and soul, the Lycan King sends Lennox to the remote planet Ooroon.

Neophyte of the Bengardi order, Theolle has his own problems to deal with than taking care of a Newcomer. Bad things happen to him when he heals and he knows this warrior will hurt him the most. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a choice since the head of the order issues an order for Theolle to save the warrior. Reluctant, Theolle obeys, but discovers something terrifying about the Newcomer.

There is something about Lennox that will alter their fates. Only if Theolle is brave enough to sacrifice his sanity for the warrior.

Story Excerpt

He blew out a hefty breath, rubbed his face, and hissed sputtering a string of curses when the sweet-smelling oil on his hands smeared over his lips and stung his eyes. That shit hurt!
“Dammit,” he cursed, squeezing his eyes tighter and frantically slapping the wooden table searching for the Dimsham cloth.
His hands clawed at the soft material. He continued to whimper from the sting in his eyes and the gradual numbing of his lips. Carefully, Theolle rubbed the slick oil from his eyes, taking his time to keep as much of the oil from them as possible. Gingerly opening one eye and rapidly blinking before he opened the other, he noticed that everything was hazy.
“Now that’s just great,” he said, looking around the room sheepishly.
Yeah, still empty, no other being to witness his foolhardy actions. Funny thing, as much as he didn’t want to be alone, even though he liked being alone, he was glad he was alone. Ah, crap did that even make sense, he thought ruefully.
Well, it was only three days of him chanting, three days of drawing healing symbols with funky-smelling oils on a body that was just plain too sinful to be normal, three days of talking to himself to alleviate the boredom and sadly answering back. It was three days of self-imposed hell.
Theolle’s blue eyes strayed to Lennox.
“Come on, you big, luscious male, wake up so I can have someone to talk to besides me and the circus inside my brain,” Theolle halfheartedly pleaded.
He leaned away and waited, chewing his bottom lip, eyes expectant, bright with hope. The minutes dragged on and his eyes dulled. Nope, not even a twitch.
“Damn,” he mumbled.
His shoulders slumped before he shuffled to a separate table and snatched a drawstring pouch. Whoop-di-do, more chanting and drawing to do, he reluctantly thought.
“Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about helping you, big guy, but then again, you try being alone for three days. It’s boring and lonely. You should be up by now, Lennox,” Theolle lightly admonished the sleeping giant.
Theolle studied Lennox’s still form before he opened the pouch. Inside the leather sack was iridescent powder that was silky soft to the touch. He reached inside and carefully grabbed a handful and pulled it out. He took the fine powder and sprinkled it over the glistening oils that covered Lennox’s chest and belly.
He paid special attention, liberally covering the incantation symbols that cover Lennox’s torso, making sure to set the strange drawings.
The powder glowed in the Fire rock light, casting each symbol into a warm glow of sparkle and glitter. His eyes roamed the chiselled landscape that haunted his dreams until his eyes bulged at the sight.
“What the hell is this?” he gasped.
Gritting his teeth, Theolle softly cursed.
Neatly drawn on Lennox’s massive muscular chest was an equally massive Happy Face.
“Oh crap, what did I do now?”
He scrunched his face up, cringing, and he reached to wipe away the glitter and oil, but paused. An impish gleam sparkled in his eyes. He looked around, even though he was alone with only Lennox in the chamber, and nibbled his lip with indecision.
Unable to help the sudden urge, he dipped his forefinger in the pouch and carefully drew beside the Happy Face. His eyes narrowed with concentration and the tip of his tongue peeked out from his lips.
See, I knew you had that artistic bug in you, cutie.
“Shut up,” Theolle grumbled at the disembodied voice. He leaned back with lopsided grin on his unique features and released a giggle.
Yeah, he was a lousy artist. Stick figures were his claim to fame. Warmth filled his blue eyes before he dipped his finger in the pouch again. Iridescent powder coated the tip of his finger. He lightly traced his drawing on Lennox’s chest, filling in the two stick figures holding hands with the powder.
“There.” He grinned. “This’ll be between you and me, Lennox.”
As he pulled away, Theolle froze when he stared into the open eyes of deep chocolate brown framed in thick, sooty lashes. His breath caught in his chest and gave his heart a gentle squeeze before his breath blew out in a gasp.
Lennox?” was all Theolle managed to say before a callused hand grabbed the back of his head and pulled him down to the waiting mouth.
Theolle’s eyes widened before they fluttered closed when his lips pressed firmly to the soft mouth. He shivered and let loose a soft moan, surrendering to his first kiss.
The weight of the hand at his neck eased. The buttery-soft firmness of the mouth made his lips tingle and ache before the unyielding surface slackened. Theolle pulled away, softly panting. He swallowed a shaky breath and he opened his eyes to find the warrior beneath him unconscious again.
Stumped, he shook his head, leaned back and distanced himself from Lennox. He gingerly touched his lips, still feeling the gentle pressure of his first kiss. Shivering from the incredible sensation, he licked his lips, moaned from the residual taste of crushed cloves and spicy cinnamon unique to Lennox Ursa, and smiled. His smile wavered and faded when he reminded himself that Lennox was lost to him.
Upset, Theolle brokenly asked, “Why did you do it, Lennox? Why did you give me my first kiss? Now I will forever know your taste.”
Crushed, Theolle shook his head and turned away. He thought the emotions he felt earlier were gone. He was so wrong that it physically cramped his belly, knowing that his first kiss with his fated mate was his last.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me Down For Long

Hello everybody, I'm still here!

The past few months have been a lesson in my own humility concerning how my new life is expanding.  Since my heart attack I've had tons of new things to adjust to and to overcome.  Let me tell you a secret...

I'm stubborn.

The fact that I wanted to get up and go just a week after getting out of the hospital shows my stubborn streak, or my dumb-ass delusion.  I can only sit back and idle for so long.  However, my reality from now on it basically this.

My life is completely different than it was three months ago.

More importantly my head space is much clearer. It took me a while to actually wrap my brain around what I can and cannot do.  I can't eat sweets anymore, not like I used to.  Nooo!  But I love chocolate!!
Or no more salt in my diet.   (sniff) Bye, bye salty chips that I love to crunch while watching a movie on the couch.  And coffee...oh the horror of it!

Okay, I sound melodramatic and honestly it isn't as bad as I make it out to be.  In fact I lost ten pounds the first two weeks I came home.  Awesome, right?  Needless to say, I'm slimming down and ironically I'm looking much better now that I have a functioning heart that isn't faulty.

Yeah, that's the part that took me a while to own.  I was sick.  My heart was sick for so long that I didn't even realize how bad things were getting until the inevitable.  Now, let me tell you no one needs that kind of wake up call!

So, as afar as the physical improvements concerning my health, not to mention the mountain of pills I'm suddenly chewing (which is appalling). Some of it sucks just because I'm not used to it. I used to be a one chewable vitamin per day kind of gal.  You know that fruity ones that taste like Gummy Bears. Well, I was.  Now not so much.

The physical changes I can handle, but it's the emotional dips and curves that have been eventful.  No one ever said life was ever easy.  My emotions now are like rocket fuel. I feel so much more deeply that it's frightening, but it seems I handle it better.  It's like the negative emotions are instantly felt then drained away.  It's my body telling me to let it go.  Stress equals another heart attack.  And that's a BIG no thank you.

Now on the other hand, everything that makes me smile and fill my world with happiness and love, well holy moley its intense.  There are moments that I am literally crying because I'm so happy.  And let me tell you that I had my daughter quite concerned when we went out to the Mall one weekend.  I was practically sobbing in the car after spending such a great day with her.  She thought I was crazy and so did I.

Yeah, so the emotions now are intense.

I remember watching the commercial for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, which I donate to since my mother died of congestive heart failure.  And as I watched it, seeing all those people, from infants to seniors coming home from the hospital I was sledgehammered.

I burst into tears and sobbed, ironically grateful for being alone in the house.  It was a moment that was extremely intimate and profound on a level I never really knew existed.  I was one of those people who got to go home.  Ah man, even now I'm tearing up. Sheesh, told you about the emotional roller-coaster!

Everyday, I'm astounded at what I learn about myself.  I thought I was a strong woman before with all the tragedy in my life that I over came.  There is nothing more absolute than facing your worst fear, death.  It's very real and very final.  Scary as all get out, but also, surprisingly, freeing.

I have one life to live and it was almost cut too short.  I may not be famous.  I may not have millions in the bank (which, honestly would be fabulous). However I do have one important thing that trumps all the Life hoop-la and I wants.

I have courage.  With courage anything on this big blue planet, that is worth something, is possible. I might fall and get bruised, but now I know...ain't nothing gonna keep me down for long.

So now, I say to everyone who takes a peek at my blog, live a Life worthy of your courage.



Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Welcome Siren Author Erika Reed!

Hi everyone, today I have Siren author Erika Reed on my blog to celebrate her newest release, Double Her Chances (Last Chance Tavern 2).  I’m thrilled that she is sharing an excerpt at The Naughty Muse. So, sit back and enjoy!  Take care everyone and cheers!
Author’s Bio
Erika Reed lives in Southern California with her sexy husband and two beautiful daughters. She is very thankful for her family and friends that have been there, supporting her from the beginning of her writing career.
When she is not writing or running her busy household, she enjoys sitting down with her Kindle, reading one of her favourite authors.  She enjoys her writing and will continue to surprise her readers with more exotic stories in the future.  she loves to hear from her readers and can be reached at
Double Her Chances

Madison Duffey would do anything to protect her three-year-old son, Trent, including lying to everyone she loves to hide the identity of Trent’s father. A single mother with no time for anyone but her beloved boy, Madison’s world changes forever the night the men she’s always wanted blow into town and back into her life.
After one too many concussions on the ice put their future at risk, hockey players Riley and Stormy Masters are trying to decide whether to hang up their skates for good. Now they know the woman that has invaded their every dream has kept a very important secret from them. Riley and Stormy must decide if their careers are more important than the woman and child that has suddenly appeared in their lives.
Will Madison be willing share her heart to double her chances for love and have the family she has always wanted?
Story Excerpt
“Riley, I can explain. Just not here, please,” Madison pleaded as she looked around the room full of her family and friends.
Riley looked to his twin brother, Stormy, nodded, and sighed. “Okay, Madison, but after this party is over, we will talk,” he said before turning on his heel to walk over to the bar to where Tye was standing, serving people drinks.
Madison released her breath that she had been holding in ever since she spotted her twin standing in her family’s bar. Shit was going to hit the fan tonight and Madison wasn’t looking forward to the conversation she was going to have in the future with Trent’s fathers.
Over four years ago, Madison had attended one of Tye’s away games, which she had done numerous times before. Tye didn’t like to be alone on these long trips. He had told her on several occasions that he felt homesick and wanted one of his sisters or his father to join him when he traveled on his away games.
On one particular away game, Madison couldn’t sleep, so she decided to go down to the bar and have a nightcap. After receiving her vodka cranberry, she decided to take her drink and sit in a booth in the back of the bar, where she could enjoy her drink in peace. That’s when she noticed the two handsome men, Riley and Stormy Masters, walk into the bar. She knew who they were, since they were her brother’s teammates, but she had never formally been introduced to them.
Every woman in the bar took notice of them, including their loyal fans. After they signed a few autographs, they took their drinks from the bar and turned around, looking for a place to sit. That’s when they both locked eyes on her. Madison felt her skin heat as her clit throbbed by the way their hot molten eyes were boring into hers. They smiled at her and walked toward the table she was seated at in the back and smiled at her as they approached her. These guys were the tallest men she had ever seen. Madison was a tall, five-foot-nine woman but even she had to stretch her neck to look at them as they spoke to her.
“Hi,” the one she recognized as Stormy said.
Madison nodded and smiled. “Hello.”
Riley, Stormy’s identical twin asked, “Do you mind if we join you for a drink?”
She waved her arm at the chairs around her, but they both decided to sit in the booth on either side of her.
Riley was the first to address her. “Do I know you from somewhere?”
“Tye Duffey is my little brother.”
“Ahh…I thought I recognized you from somewhere.” Stormy then turned to face her and moved in a little closer. “So where is little brother now? Did you put him to bed with his pacifier?”
Madison snickered. She noticed that he had slid closer so that she could smell the scent of the fresh soap he must have just used. She noticed his black hair was still a little wet. They must have just showered and come down. Stormy had short spiky hair like Riley’s, except Stormy’s hair was only spiky in the very front as to where Riley’s was spiky all on the top of his head.
“No, he was tired and wanted to crash early.”
Riley nodded. “Stormy practically dragged me out of bed, too. Today’s game wore me out.” He leaned in closer and whispered, “But I sure am glad he talked me into coming down here for a drink. This gives us a chance to get to know you better, Madison.”
Long story short, after a few hours and way too many vodka cranberries, Madison ended up going up to their room and having sex with them. The next morning, when she woke up in the middle of them, naked, she grabbed her clothes and ran like a scared little rabbit. She knew it was a mistake having sex with them. But it was the best sex she had ever had. They were both so attentive and relentless in bed. She barely had a chance to breathe when they wanted to have sex again. They’d fucked like bunnies until the sun came up. Riley and Stormy probably had a girl in every town the visited. Madison didn’t want to be one of their groupies.
After that one special encounter with the twins, somehow they got her cell number, most likely from Tye, and tried to contact her by phone messages and even text. By then her period was late and she knew she was going to have their baby. Madison was scared and didn’t know what to do. The twins were just starting out in their careers. For God’s sake, they were only twenty-three to her twenty-eight years. She knew that they wouldn’t be ready to have a baby. She couldn’t bear to abort her baby if they asked her to. After a while the phone calls and texts stopped. And Madison’s world of motherhood was about to begin without a father for Trent.
Lana’s voice brought her out of her trance, bringing her back to reality.
“Are you okay?” she asked in a concerned voice as she dragged her back to the kitchen for more privacy.
Madison closed her eyes and looked around to make sure that no one was listening.  That’s when Trent came from the back storage room holding a stack of plates and the basket of French bread.
“Mommy, are you okay? You look sick,” the sweet little angel said to her.
Lana was the one to answer him.  “Mommy is fine. She just needed to get something back here in the kitchen she forgot.”  Lana shushed him from the kitchen before turning to face her once more.
With Lana’s hands on her hips she said, “Spill Madison. I am not blind. I know Riley and Stormy are Trent’s father.  Holy crap, how couldn’t I have seen the resemblance before today?  I have seen them play with Tye all those years.  They look just like him.”

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