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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Five Faves X 5

I thought something fun would be a nice change.  So, I wanted to share my five favourite movies, foods, books, T.V series and fictional characters (books /movies).  I could go on, but I'll start with these first!

My 5 Top Favourite Movies

5) Lethal Weapon- loved Riggs and Murtaugh's relationship.  They are quite the hoot! (Yeah, I just said hoot! lol)
4) Forest Gump- Such a feel good movie that still makes me cry and laugh.  Oh, Forest you're awesome!
3) Die Hard- it's my Christmas go to movie.  I watch it like people who watch It's a Wonderful Life or The Christmas Story.  Something about John Mclaine(Bruce Willis) kicking some butt!
2) The Goonies- I was an 80s preteen and who wouldn't want an adventure like the characters in this movie.  Chunk and Sloth rocked it!
1) Aliens-enough said, totally loved this movie when it first came out! I was scary and my imagination soared with sci-fi battles, sexy Marines, and a stellar heroine that kicked butt!

My 5 Top Foods

5) Pizza- love the thick crust, light on the sauce, but lots of pepperoni, bacon, mushrooms olives (both kinds), cheese and onions! Yummy!
4) Poutine- freshly cut potatoes deep-fried, with thick gravy, and shredded curd cheese.  A bazillion calories, but it tastes so good!
3) Chicken Kiev- it takes forever to prepare and cook, but the end result is a deep-fried chicken ball filled with yummy garlic butter and a crisp breaded coating to keep in all the garlic. Delicious especially with lemon rice or garlic angel hair noodles!
2) Cheesecake- chocolate and caramel topping with crumbled cashew nuts.  A decadent piece of heaven.
1) Chocolate!! Yep, chocolate and more chocolate.

My 5 Top Books

5) The Pawn and the Prophecy (David Eddings)- my first fantasy that was different from elves, dwarves and so on.  Loved the concept of the Will of the Word!
4) The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe ( C.S. Lewis)- fantasy adventure in a realm of magical creatures and Aslan.
3) The Fellowship of the Ring (JRR Tolkien)- the one book that started it all and gave the world elves, orcs, dwarves, and yes hobbits.  I loved Legolas.
2) Lightening (Dean R. Koontz)- Stephan is endearing, every woman should have him watching over her.
1) Subterranean (James Rollins)- love his world building within our every real world, and he takes it just a step farther to intrigue you!

My 5 Top T.V. Series

5) The Big Bang Theory- Oh Sheldon, you're too adorable not to love your quirky ways.
4) Face Off- freaking cool make up and I love watching the process of how it's done.  Awesome show!
3) Stargate- Now, I still tune into the reruns, because it's such a fantastic what ifs and cool story lines.
2) Supernatural- Not only are the Winchester men gorgeous, but the story lines are deep rooted in mythology and everything that goes pump in the night!  And Castiel, love Castiel!
1) The Walking Dead- enough said! Bring on the zombie apocalypse (I want Daryl on my team!)

My 5 Top Fictional Characters

5) Acheron (Sherrilyn Kenyon's Acheron)- his sacrifices and deep belief that humanity is worth every external and internal scar he bares, is humbling.
4) Yoda (Star Wars)- even though he was wrinkly, short and an alien, Yoda rocked the one liners and words of wisdom!
3) Aslan (The Chronicles of Narnia)-he was much more than a lion, his sacrifice had me crying! And he was the first animal character that I read.
2) Samwise Gamgee(The Lord of the Rings)- he was the heart and hope of the entire group.  If it wasn't for Sam, all would have been lost.
1) Ripley (Aliens)- she's my hero!

So that's it!  Feel free to share your top five faves!  Take care and have a great and wonderful day.

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