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Friday, 6 December 2013

On the Third day of Grateful...

"On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me two turtle doves..." by Christmas Song

One word, chocolate!

For a currently single lady, such as myself, ahem, I am grateful for chocolate.  I love, adore and move mountains to have a piece of chocolate.  Chocolate for me is like a tiny piece of Heaven that I get to indulge in, not as frequently as I want.  Nevertheless I enjoy each bite of chocolate.

It doesn't matter the type of chocolate, but I do prefer the sweeter melt in your mouth yummy goo, though.  Semi-sweet is okay for baking, but I'd rather have the Milk chocolate.  However, now that I'm getting a tad older (shhh) I've discovered dark chocolate to be a healthy AND guilt free treat.  I prefer the 60% cocoa, because it's not as bitter.  But if you want me to be your best buddy, spoil me with white Chocolate and I'll be your forever...just as long as you supply the chocolate though.(winks).

I'm finding that as I get older I don't need super huge things to fill my life with what makes me feel grateful for on a daily basis.  It's the little things that make me smile and say to myself (not that I talk to myself, no siree...) this is good, this is nice and I'm grateful for it.  I guess that's what's happens when you get a bit wiser.

So, chocolate lets me take a moment and not worry too much about how big my butt will get if I eat too much, because, hey, chocolate is good for my heart, in more ways than one.  Yeah, I'm grateful for chocolate and all its properties (waggles eyebrows)  So, if your a chocolate lover like I am, go out and splurge on the gooey treat.  And don't worry about your weight, because you had to walk somewhere it get it, right?

Indulge and enjoy, but don't go overboard though, because once you take something for granted you lose it's wonderful meaning.

I just hope Santa Claus fills my stocking with some chocolate.  Hmmm, then again I have been naughty this year.

So, if you love chocolate as I do, what is your favourite?  It can even be a chocolate bar. I love those too!

Take care and cheers!


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