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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

What makes a great horror movie scary?

The anticipation of watching a scary movie is just as much fun as watching the movie.  There is no doubt that I love watching horror movies.  And I've seen tons of b-movies that are great and others that just left me rolling my eyes, because I watched the crappy movie until the end.  Hey, I give everything a chance.

So, I'm going to talk about what makes a horror movie great.

Emotion, emotion, emotion.  If I don't feel connected to the storyline then no matter how cool the special effects are the movie will be a dud.  Two hours is a long time to sit through a movie and wonder why I wasn't doing something else like clip my toenails.  Then again, I give everything the benefit of the doubt and take a chance. However, usually in the first fifteen minutes of a horror movie I'll know if I'll enjoy it. 

For example, I watched a movie called Descent.  It was about spelunkers exploring a new cave system and getting trapped with something other than human.  The anticipation and emotion of what could happen had me hooked.  It was dark, creepy and you watched it like you were there trapped beneath miles of rock.  Yep, I was terrified and even now, won't go near a cave!

Besides, an emotional connection, the build up of suspense and anticipation will lure me to a watch a great movie.  I'm pretty good at anticipating when the next jolt will have me leaping from my seat and gasping for breath, and I can prepare myself for the fright.  However, the great movies catch me off guard and I wonder if I'm too young to have a heart attack on my couch!  Again, the movie Descent had me literally jumping in my seat stifling a shriek that almost escaped my lips.  Almost.

I'm sure there are tons of details that make a horror movie great, but in the end if I can believe it can happen to me when I put myself in the character's shoes then I know I'll be sleeping with the lights on, one eye open and deadbolt every lock in the house!  Even now, I'm thinking of going through my extensive DVD collection of horror and cracking one open to watch.  It's still light out so no creepy shadows and hidden monsters will be able to catch me unawares. Hmmm, now what do I want to watch?

So, what do you think makes a horror movie scary? I'd love to hear from you!   Cheers and take care!

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