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Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Evolution of the Zombie Shuffle.

No, this isn't about dancing. It’s completely about the zombie, the hypothetical zombie to those who don't believe in the decaying ghouls.  I, on the other hand, have a great fascination and terror in the possibility of something other than us stumbling in the world.

Zombies freak me out!  From the first moment I watched the original black and white, Night of the Living Dead, I was drawn into the shuffling world of the undead.  George A. Romero nailed the zombie apocalypse, thus creating the new horror that makes society cringe.  Those shambling, decomposing undead, eager to chew on the living stirs a horror in me unlike I have ever felt.  I'm a horror junkie and zombies in any form via B-movies to Hollywood Blockbusters has my avid attention.  I may cringe, whimper, and without a doubt check every lock in my house at least twice before I go to bed.  Especially after watching a zombie movie or The Walking Dead, TV show.  Despite the dread that fills me each time I sit down to watch the shuffling zombie you can't drag me away.

The first zombie shuffle is slow, awkward, and easy to dodge and escape the snapping teeth and reaching hands.  However, as the evolution of the zombie genre grows, so does the zombie.  Sure, the image is roughly the same, decomposing, brain and limb eating undead that are unstoppable in their desire to feed.  However, with each new movie produced, another type of zombie or zombie-like creature has evolved.  No longer is the zombie a shuffler.

When I watch the remake of Dawn of the Dead, I am even more terrified. The undead doesn't shuffle they run, and they run fast! I'm not a runner, but I workout now to keep my cardio strong, I'm just saying...
However, zombie evolution doesn't stop there. I think my heart could handle the horror of a loping, feral, marathon-running zombie, until I watched World War Z.  Good thing I exercise and have a strong heart. Now, this new zombie is faster, stronger, and even more relentless, could leap several metres, and turn in under twelve seconds.  No fair!  I'm fast, but I'm not that fast.

So now, the evolution of the zombie shuffle transpires into something deadlier, a horde of fast acting wave of relentless destruction with only one purpose.  That purpose is to infect everything.  When I see zombies scaling an apartment building, in the movie World War Z, just to infect the population it freaks me out completely. But will I stop watching the movie or not read the next zombie novel? Hell no!  Will I exercise more to keep my cardio in great shape just in case the apocalypse happens? Hell yes!

The world is a strange and amazing place.  There are wonders and horrors in society and nature.  Some things can be explained, while others cannot.  So, zombies or zombie-like creatures walking the earth...I'm just saying.

So, if the hypothetical zombie could roam the planet, which zombie do you think would decimate the human population, the shuffler or the running leaper?

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