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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Three Cheers for Halloween!

It's that time of year when Summer fades as the leaves change from their fresh and robust green blanket to the deep mosaic colours of Fall.  The days grow shorter and and the nights longer.  The weather cools and the chilly wind creep in to swirl those piling leaves.

It's a great time of year!


Despite the amazing colours changing before our very eyes, it's the time to tap into our inner "freaky-deeky".  Come on, you know that buried beneath all the hoopla of the daily mundane chores that govern our lives, we share a slice of wanting to dip into the odd.  Even if it means when you eat pizza you start with the crust first like I do. (shrugs)

October is the time of year to let lose the oddity in most of us who acknowledge the leeway of Halloween!  It's the perfect time to embrace the weird, the creepy and of course the jubilant.  You know the cutesy fairies, princesses, angels, and so forth.  Yeah, it's time to create that awesome costume you've been thinking about since the last Halloween.

The rush and joy of strutting your stuff in the new costume that either took months to create, or minutes.  It's all about the uniqueness that has captured the wanderlust of Halloween.  It's the countdown leading to Halloween parties or waiting for those adorable munchkins, who also may be dressed up as munchkins, knock on your door yelling the phrase we've heard since our first trek down the shadowed sidewalk. "Trick or Treat!"

Halloween is my favourite time of year. There are tons of character, ingenuity and just plain craziness - inferred in the best possible way of course, that brews into an amazing mix of Halloween participants. The neighbourhood children will be out in full force, trolling the shadowy streets decked out in their various costumes, jacked up on the idea of how much loot the evening will present.  Add a little creepy that might be hidden in the shadows or that really cool house that has the awesome candy and the scariest front porch.

Halloween has given me wonderful memories, and most of them revolved around the ideas of what to wear.  Even now my mind is a swirl of ideas.  Every new idea is different and intriguing.  But my favourite costume I made was by far the easiest, most creative and zaniest that just screamed me.

I dressed up as a garden hoe.  Yep, a cardboard box big enough to surround me, string to hang from my shoulders to keep the cardboard in place and a metal coat hanger twisted to look like the hoe part. I had the hanger on my head like a tiara.  The costume was epic!  Everyone were either flabbergasted of the sheer genius of such a simple costume or they thought I was just plain nuts.

Regardless of what people thought, I loved that costume.  I still do.

So, if Halloween is a favourite time of year for you, what costume did you love to strut around in? I'd love to hear from you.

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