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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Awesome news, awesome news!

I have some fantastic news to share with everyone! The sequel to My Everything (The Lycan Princes) has been accepted by my publisher, Siren-Bookstrand. Yes, that's right people. If you've read my first novel, My Everything, and wondered if Kellan will get to have his story told, then you're in luck!

The e-release day is tentatively scheduled for Jan 2014 and the sequel's title is His One and Only, which may change at a later date, due to the nature of the business.  I've been given permission to share a blurb, so here it is!

Theone is a prisoner at The Pleasure Dome on Voluptus Prime. He doesn’t know for how long he waited trapped in the tiny room, but being blind doesn’t help his situation. Out of desperation and guided by instinct, Theone contacts a stranger through his dreamscape, a man known as Kellan. He has less than thirty-two hours to get help or his captors will take him off world and disappear. Theone knows if he doesn’t escape with a little help, he’s as good as dead.

Kellan Scarzdale has been hopping in and out of men’s beds for as long as he can remember. But when he watches his best friend, Tynan, fall in love, the lion shifter wonders if Fate has a plan for him, too. Suffering from disturbing dreams of a stranger’s pleas, Kellan is jolted out of his nightmare with an urgent message from his on-again, off-again lovers, Ty and Ky. With no more than a name and a haunting memory of his last dream, Kellan travels light-years to the paradise planet Voluptus Prime in hopes of saving a man who stirs his inner beast.

One look at Theone huddled in the room where Kellan finds the broken angel, and Kellan falls hard for the man he rescues with the help of his friends, now ex-lovers, Ty and Ky. The numerous problems stacked against Kellan and Theone, from a debt manacle to deactivate, his shuttle exploding, escaping The Pleasure Dome undetected, and finding a safe haven somewhere on the paradise planet, are staggering. However, Kellan has a bigger problem, because in a moment of weakness he bites Theone and triggers his Mating Heat, binding him and Theone forever. Will their growing love keep them together, or will Fate lead them down separate paths?

Again, this so exciting, and I hope you enjoyed the blurb of His One and Only, I'm glad I get to share it with everyone who pops in and takes a look at my blog. Have a great and wonderful day.  Take care and cheers!



the jo said...

Just start reading book 1 and I luv it already...*sigh* Squeak is adorable....

I am looking forward to more from you and your amazing world.

your newest fan,

Jorja Kish said...

Thanks Jo, I'm glad you're enjoying Squeak's story. And I had a lot of fun creating the sci-fi world for them and the others! Take care and cheers.

Jorja :)

the jo said...

Finished it this morning. It was wonderful....luv, luv, luv Tynan and Squeak...and lookin forward to Kellan's story....January? really? that long a wait? *grin*

thanks for the great time readin!

your fan,