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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Celebrating Halloween's Awesomeness!

Happy Halloween everyone, it's my favourite holiday!  Woo hoo!

I've decided to have a giveaway to celebrate All Hallows Eve.  Well, I'm an author and I have a new book out, so I wanted to give a copy of a pdf ARC of My Everything to one lucky winner!

It's easy.  All you have to do is leave a comment about Halloween.  Do you love it? What was your favourite costume as a kid?  Or even what are you planning on wearing this Halloween?  Anything Halloween!  Then leave your email address and I'll randomly pick someone at noon November 2nd (Eastern Standard Time).

This is my first giveaway, so I'm excited to see what will happen!  Also, I've decided to dress up as a creepy, icky, decomposing zombie for Halloween!  As you know zombies freak me out!  I just hope the neighbourhood kids don't freak out...mwahahahaha!

Okay, so this zombie picture of me is courtesy of the Walking Dead #BiteMe.  And I won't be this scary, because frankly I don't have the goodies to make myself this creepy.  However, I'll tone it down a tad just for the sake of my nieces.

Again, leave a comment and your email address and I wish everyone good luck!  The draw will be November 2nd at noon (Eastern Standard Time) for a pdf ARC of My Everything.

Happy Halloween!  Cheers and have a great day!



Nutty_Mum_303 said...

My eldest is going trick or treat with his friends and is dressing up like a Zombie (nothing new, he looks like 1 in the mornings lol). My best memories was being dressed as a witch and going round neighbours (Dad n Mum were Youth Workers at the time).

luscious.geisha said...

I think this is the first Halloween in about 5 years that I haven't worked. I miss getting candy at work :D

Jorja Kish said...

Thanks for the comments! Woo Hoo! I'll be contacting the winner shortly. Take care and cheers!