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Friday, 18 October 2013

Cheers to science-fiction and the possibilities!

Okay, so I talked about zombies.  They'll always freak me out and I love them for it.  I've also talked about what makes a horror movie scary.  Now, I want to chat about science-fiction.

If you don't know by now, I'll confess that my all time favourite movie is a sci-fi movie.  Yep, Aliens is the go to movie for me when ever I need comfort and a great movie to watch.  I remember standing outside the movie theatre in Montreal when I was in my teens, waiting in the super long line just to get tickets for the sequel to the first Alien movie.

The whole concept of Aliens skyrocketed my love for science-fiction anything, especially movies.  Of course, I watched  the Star Wars trilogy back then, and loved George Lucas' World. And when Star Trek hit the little screen and then the big screen I was completely enraptured with sci-fi.  However, I connected with Aliens, mostly for the impossible odds of surviving the unknown and kicking ass.  Ripley is my sci-fi hero.  Being an impressionable teen, Aliens sparked my what if wonder of what is out in the Universe.  I knew then I wasn't going to be an astronaut, physics and science wasn't my forte, but my imagination trumped everything else.

After many years of exploring science-fiction, in books, movies, TV shows, I realise that my love for the genre wasn't just for the awesome special effects and the action packed story lines.  It wasn't just for the future of what ifs, or the parallel universes and unique creatures and humanoids.  What I love about science-fiction is that it expanded my mind.

It's the potential of us humans in the grand scope of being self-aware in this vast and incredible universe.  We are but a fraction of a grain of sand, among countless of wonders that we barely can scope with our mind and heart.  It's daunting, exhilarating and terrifying.  And I guess that's what makes us an incredible species, though we may fear the unknown, we have the potential to break through the fear and push forward into a new stage of exploring who we are as people.

Through the science-fiction genre we explore what it means to be human in the Universe.  How far we would go to defend ourselves and our way of life, or even change how we live our lives, improving what we can become.  The whole point is to grow, change, explore and be a better person.  So, I guess that is why there are so many end of the world sci-fi movies.  If we don't learn from our mistakes and we as a species have made some doozies, what's the point then.  This genre allows us to explore our frailty and our strengths. 

Science-fiction is our report card as humans.  The genre reflects back on us what we are capable of doing to each other, what great potential we may have to become better and learn to live in all our uniqueness and wonder.  To strive for acceptance and unite in one strong voice that we are here on this blue fragile planet among the vastness of space and we may be young, but we have the means to become great.

And that folks are my two cents.  Take care and cheers!



the jo said...

My fave scifi flick would hafta be Terminator. The first movie was so dang good....I fell in luv with Michael Biehn as Kyle....and who in my generation didn't luv a good Arnold flick...hahahahaha

thanks for the memories!

your newest fan,

Jorja Kish said...

You're absolutely right that Terminator is another awesome sci-fi movie. And I have to confess that I loved Michale Biehn as Hicks in Aliens! He does the "hero" sexy in both movies!

the jo said...

Oh yes! I forgot about him being in Aliens....*sigh* I cannot understand why he never "made it big" he certainly had the looks and the talent....*sigh*