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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Learning Curve

The past few months have been a whirlwind of activity and new experiences.  The whole lot has been one endless learning curve.
I can say without a doubt that this period in my life has been the most exhilarating. The things I have been learning through trial and error has boosted my enjoyment of learning new things.  I can finally say that Twitter is a friend and not some mysterious lurking shadow that taunts my tentative tweeting.  Now, I'm not a pro, but I enjoy the connections.

And it's all about the connections.  I love this new step in my life and I certainly enjoy checking out what is next.  When I started this blog it was my first dip in the world.  Of course I have been living my life with family and friends, but to take that big toe dip was a frightening and intriguing venture. Now, the ying and yang in me are constantly butting heads.

One side nudges, "Go on jump in, I'm sure you can swim in this massive world.  Why not do the back stroke naked while you're at it?"  And that other cautious side is grabbing my shoulders and shaking its head, gulping, "I don't know about the naked swimming, but you could dip your big toe in real quick."  What is a poor girl to do?

Well, grab some water wings and make sure that bikini line is presentable!

There will be times that I'll forget the water wings, even neglect the bikini line, but in truth I'm human.  And I will make a few faux pas.  Hello, it's about living life, learning as you go, making connections with yourself and others, and finding your bliss.  Take the bumps in the road and use them to weave a fantastic story that is your life.

I've made some doozy mistakes, but then I made some pretty awesome decisions too!  It's all about the learning curve and just trying.

So, here's to the learning, living and naked swimming with water wings! Cheers!

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