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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Exciting News: A Dream Comes True

Okay, deep breathe to calm my nerves, but it doesn’t seem to help.  I have incredible news that I’m shaking.  A few days ago, I mentioned that I was a published author.  Well, now my publisher has given me the okay to promote my first novel!

Yes, that’s right, my first novel, My Everything will be published by Siren-BookStrand. The release date for my e-book will be October 2013, but that may change due to the nature of the business.  This incredible news has left me stunned and undeniably grateful for such an incredible opportunity that is unfolding. 

Here is the blurb for My Everything.  Enjoy and cheers!

Squeak is a Xeno City cage fighter.  He never loses a fight, but he never wins a fight either.  That is why running from his employer Mama Simi confuses him.  Searching for his buddy, Squeak tries to disappear among the regulars of The Crossroad Bar.  Until a pair of lavender eyes forces a craving like none other to fill his body with lust.  Mesmerised, Squeak finds himself lured into the arms of the gorgeous man.

Commander Tynan Rhys is tired.  For years, he hunted for the kidnapped Crown Princes of the Lycan Empire. Fighting the despair of finding any kidnapped prince and the loneliness in his chest spreading, Tynan captures a glimpse of a neon green cap that intrigues his jaded heart.  His life is about to change when a sexy quirky imp follows him to the bathroom for hot dirty sex.

But circumstances forces Tynan’s pint-sized man to flee into the night. Shocked of claiming his mate the Commander is devastated for losing his Chosen one.  With the help of his team of agents, they track down his missing mate.  What they find is Tynan’s worst nightmare.

Devastated, Tynan vows to forever banish the terror in his mate’s eyes.  But convincing his fearful mate to trust and forgive him is something Tynan doesn’t know if he can.  Until his precious Squeak does, Tynan lives in a personal hell.

With enemy forces closing in and threats doing everything to stop them from reaching Home world forces the fierce Commander to put away his heart.  Facing the danger together, will it be enough to heal Squeak’s inner turmoil and accept Tynan as his mate?  Or will the newly found Crown Prince decide to follow another path that takes him away from Tynan?

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