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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Wicked Wednesdays

Sorry about this folks, it seems my blog is being temperamental.  I posted this yesterday then lost it! Here we go one more time!

Every Wednesday a 200 word Whimsy with a sexy photo will be on my blog.  Here is the first wicked whimsy.  Enjoy!  Feel free to leave a comment or your own mini word whimsy (200 word max).  Cheers!

Welcome to Wicked Wednesdays

Image credit: <a href=''>trebuchet / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

Whimsy # 1

Seth didn’t know what hit him, but he couldn’t wipe the grin from his handsome face.  He glanced over his shoulder and watched as Cole raced across the sandy beach, kicking up drafts of water from his feet.  The pale skin of his never-seen-the-sun butt cheeks clenched and jiggled, making Seth’s cock harden in his wet shorts.  He growled low when the mischievous imp grinned over his slender shoulder and whipped his head back to flick the thick sable hair from his green eyes. 

Cole licked his pink lips and winked before turning and racing down the beach.  His carefree laughter filled the isolated beach.

The melodic joy had Seth jump to his feet eager to wrap his lover tight in his arms and feel the silky smooth skin glide against his body.  His dick jerked in agreement, as it swelled thicker and harder in his shorts.  A predatory glint filled his tawny eyes before his canines lengthened and his blood pounded heavy in his veins draining to the one area that wanted to pound into the sexy little ass that jiggled down the shoreline.

Yeah, Seth was definitely getting some of that hot ass within the next few minutes.

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