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Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Next Step Forward

The world seems a bit more brighter today.  It tends to do that when the hard work, countless "I can do this, I have to do this", and sheer determination has driven me to a point where I can finally breath and say I did it.

What I started a few months ago, vulnerable, lost and fearful, opened into a journey I didn't know where it would lead.  There were some stops and goes, and several, "what the hell am I doing", but in the end that bulldog tenacious grip and hope filled leap of faith pushed me forward.

I blossomed under the numerous trials, I didn't know that I would face.  And each hurdle was another step forward.  I've met some incredible, passionate, and generous people that helped guided me in their own unique way.  And they didn't even know it.  So, my humbled thanks is stretched across this page and given with earnest, respect and the sheer joy of finding new friends.

So, I sit here in front of my computer staring at the screen that have seen too numerous words typed and edited.  And huge ass smile is from one tip of my face to the other.  I did it!  My dream has been answered.  All the doubt, hard work and sleepless worry has evolved to this moment.  The next step forward.

I opened an email yesterday.  I have to admit I hesitated, fearful, anxious, and hopeful.  Regardless of what it said I would continue and find a way to fulfill my dream.  I took that deep watery breath, the tears blinding me and I clicked on the message.

The feel was indescribable.  It was like I was punched in the gut and given a tender heartfelt hug.  I was sweating and crying and overwhelmed with joy.

"We accept..."  The two most inspiring words I heard in a long time throughout my journey.   The leap of faith and hope worked.  And I would like to think my talent and vivid imagination helped too.  I did it.  I had help in the most subtle and encouraging ways that even those who did don't even know.  But I did have help.

I am a published author.  I did it. And I am so proud of what I accomplished.  I followed my passion, my dream and now it has lead me to other wonderful and unique opportunities that will fill my next step forward with renewed passion.

When one door slams in your face, don't expect another to easily open right next door.  The door that will open is done my your hand.  You have to be brave enough to reach out and turn the handle.  And once you find that strength a whole new world is opened and you can step through the threshold in the next journey.

The journey never ends and I'm glad it doesn't.  So, I take the next step forward and I can't wait!

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