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Friday, 12 July 2013

When Darkness Calls

Yesterday morning, a story formed in my head that I had to share.  This is the first excerpt of the short story.  I hope everyone enjoys it.  Cheers.
When Darkness Calls
Dorn stood off to the side with the strong urge to chew her thumbnail.  Instead, she fidgeted with the loose piece of thread that hanged from the bottom of her dressiest blouse.  A nervous glance at her surrounds, she knew the blouse was a terrible choice.  A furrow puckered her forehead as the corner of her over abundant lips curled downward.  The urge to tug the loose the strand and pocket the thread had her fingers tightening.  She paused, the purple thread twisted in her fingers.
The way her luck ran lately, there was a strong possibility that her blouse would unravel like in the ACME cartoons she watched as a child, and expose her soft pale belly that was generously curved and bountiful.  It wasn’t something she wanted to risk, atleast not at this club.  The too loud music and flashing lights played havoc on her eyes.  It was no doubt a stupid time to try out her new contact lens at the urge of her roommate Crystal.  The same woman who apparently invited her to this strange club with its stranger patronage and didn’t bother to show up or was running over an hour late, Dorn prayed her roommate was just late.
One particular flash of neon green light strobe in her eyes causing them to blink rapidly and water.  She casted her eyes downward and wanted to rub her eye-sockets, but knew her contacts would shift.  Like a total dork, she dropped her head and squeezed her eyes shut.  The screaming music and the occasional bump from a flaying arm jostled, Dorn.  She sighed and was ready to open her eyes praying that Crystal was in front of her and that atleast there was someone that didn’t make her feel she like was lost.
Her eyes were casted downward, the tips of well cared for black boots caught her attention.  Her brown-eyed gaze widened and her heart skipped a beat as she traveled the length of the fitted jeans with her startled eyes.  A strong aroma that was coming from the stranger who stood before Dorn was delicious.  Her mouth watered and she had to swallow heavily before she embarrassed herself and start to drool.  She was such a dork.
She flushed hot then cold and focused on the belt buckle of the man before her trembling body.  The type of jeans the man wore was clearly comfortable with his lean muscular physique. There was no doubt in her mind, when she managed to form a thought, that from the length of his legs, the thickness of his thighs and the narrow taper of his lean waist, the stranger was one of those self-assured men.
“So, why are you here, if only to hide in the corner?”
Dorn jerked from the low toned husky voice before her eyes jumped to the face that stole her breath.  Holy moly and call me aunt Bertha.  She was totally beyond embarrassed from the instant flush to her cheeks that traveled downward and stained her neck and chest.  She didn’t realise her mouth unhinged until the gorgeous creature quirked an ebony eyebrow.  Her teeth snapped together emitting a sharp click causing more heat to surface.  She winced and prayed for some sort of catastrophe to occur, so she could slip away and pretend she wasn’t such a goober.
“Well?” the sexy voiced man asked.
Dorn blinked and tried to focus on what the man said.  It was pretty damn amazing that she heard him at all from the crash of music that blared throughout the club.  In fact, it was as if the two of them were in their own private bubble with the music as a low background noise.  She blinked again as she stared at grey blue eyes that had dark indigo bands that surrounded the irises.  Nothing but a stupid blank wall loomed inside her head.
“Ah, I-um,” she stuttered still waiting for that catastrophe.
The ebony haired hunk tilted his head to the left slightly, allowing the longer hair at the top of his head to fall over one grey blue eye.  His strong straight nose boasted a refined demeanour, but the generous curve to his bottom lip casted a sensual oasis that made his sharp masculine features sexy and down righty naughty.  Dorn suddenly had the urge to twirl her finger through the shiny smooth hair and see just how soft it appeared to be.  Instead, she balled her fingers into the palm of her hand and pressed them to the sides of her tapered skirt that accentuated her curvy hips.
“I see.” the stranger answered taking one-step closer, entering her personal space and leaning down from his six foot three height.
An undecipherable glint in his pale sexy eyes penetrated her soft brown gaze, leaving a mixture of trepidation and arousal in its wake.  When he blinked those sooty thick lashes, the kind woman all over the world wanted, the spell he wove with a mere glance broke.  Dorn gathered a deep breath, fighting the urge to wipe her clammy hands against the cotton of her skirt, or stop the trickle of warm sweat to gather at the small of her back.
“I’m here.”  I’m here?  Yeah well, duh.  Mentally she rolled eyes at her asinine comment and still wondered why the end of the world was taking its time.
The man’s eyes narrowed a fraction.  “I can see that.  But why are you here?”
She shook her head, grateful that she twisted her thick brown hair into a haphazard bun, because now she felt too hot and too sweaty to deal the vast amount of hair that she had.
“Oh, I was asked by a friend to meet her here.  She said she needed to talk and since I’ve never been to Pandora’s Threshold.  Yeah, well…,” Dorn abruptly clamped her run amok mouth and pressed her lips tight curling them in to silence her nervous chatter.
She wanted to close her eyes, wish for a redo, and not have come to the club at all.  She was totally out of her element.  Nothing said sexy like a slightly overweight nerd, who should have worn her glasses instead of the contacts she recently bought.  They itched like hell.
“My name is Seth.”  A large calloused hand, a man who clearly worked with his hands, reached out with an open palm, waiting for her to shake it.
Dorn’s eyes jerked to the tanned and lightly scarred hand before she tentatively placed her moist palm on the dry rough surface.  A jolt of electricity travelled up her arm and straight to her pussy.  In a second she was thick and heavy with a gentle slow ache that made her want to squeeze her thighs together and ease the moisture that threatened to drench her panties.  Holy fuck!
She blanched and tried to pull her sweaty hand away, doubling her pleas to the Universe for that catastrophe.  She refused to make eye contact with sexy stranger.  Lord, help her she was an utter mess.
“Hey, Dorn, looks like you finally made it.  So what do you think of the new club?” The wide smile and generously lipstick lips the colour of sultry plum grinned, oblivious to the moment between Dorn and Seth.
Dorn turned to her roommate and friend, knowing the intense eyes of Seth focused on her.  She tugged her hand from his firm grip but only managed to have it gripped tighter.  He didn’t hurt her, but the wild sensations in her belly and how hard her pussy was throbbing made Dorn shudder.
Crystal?” Her voice dropped to a breathless whimper.  “I’ve been waiting here for over an hour.  Where have you been?  You said to meet you here at 10:30 and its closer to midnight.”
The slender blond haired woman shrugged her shoulders and took a long appreciative once over of the man holding Dorn’s chubby hand.  She licked her lower lip and planted her full on wattage in a sexy smile.
“Well, hello there handsome, I’m Crystal.”  She took that one first step that Dorn witnessed one too many times that ensnared men like bees to honey.  Dorn’s belly clenched and her hand automatically squeezed Seth’s hand.  Startled at what she did, Dorn gently pulled her hand away, but the man still refused to let her go.
She opened her mouth to tell him to release her hand, when a dark glint in his eyes curled her lips in.  She shivered, not from fear but from a dark corner of her inner woman who was panting at his silent promise.  Dorn watched as Seth turned to look over his broad shoulder and glance fleetingly at the sexy blond bombshell. His grey blue eyes darkened into a storming hue sharp with a glint of disapproval in their depths.  He gave one curt nod and dismissed the woman.
Seth turned back and gently squeezed Dorn’s soft smooth hand still trapped in his embrace.  He waited patiently for the woman to meet his gaze and rewarded with a tentative rise of her lush brown eyes that were soft, sweet and enchanting. 
“It’s been a pleasure, Dorn.”
The sensual curl to his lips had Dorn’s eyes flare wider.  The dark intensity in his eyes had her trembling with another surge of lust that slicked her crinkled folds that shielded her pussy.  When Seth released her hand with gentleness, it dropped with no will to her sides.  Her mouth parted and only the soft puffs of breath panted from her lips as she watched the gorgeous creature step away and disappear into the flaying throng of dancers.
“Well that was one fucking rude asshole.” sniffed Crystal, flipping her blond curls over her slim shoulders.  “Prick,” she mumbled and casted a what-the-fuck-just-happened glare at Dorn’s trembling body. 
Her pouty lips pinched before she took a deep breath and shook the mane of hair and settled her ruffled feathers.  There was something wrong with that man.  No man gave her the cold shoulder and focused on her rather drab roommate.  Crystal frowned, but stopped, not wanting to furrow her delicate skin to wrinkle.
She huffed and turned on the six-inch heels that made her slim legs look fantastic.  “I need a drink.”  She flounced away, swaying her hips in a practice gait only Victoria Secret models could get away with.  Since Crystal was Victoria Secret sexy she pulled it off easy peasy.  The blond woman didn’t bother to look over her shoulder to see if Dorn followed.  Of course she would, Dorm was a follower, not a leader.
Crystal sashayed to the bar, and like Moses parting the Red Sea, the crowd opened a small hole for her to saunter through to the ink black countertop.  A self-satisfied smirk covered her full lips.  She expected nothing else.  Crystal barely looked over her shoulder to ask Dorn if she wanted anything to drink as an after thought when she placed her order and flirted with the hot bartender.  The silence forced her to frown and peer over her shoulder and found empty space where Dorn should have been.  She huffed and controlled the scowl from forming to mar her super pretty features. 
She searched the spot where her friend stood and found only a sea of sweaty swaying bodies and no Dorn.  Little Miss Wimp, I don’t why I bother with her.  She shrugged her shoulder forgetting her roommate.  Fine, she would have more fun without the little boring mouse anyway.
A pair of eyes, once the light colour of grey blue peered from the darkness, the colour bled into the deepest indigo surrounding the large pupil with a deep violet.  They blinked once before reverting to the pale grey blue.  A dark warning had others that stood by the silent man to stay their actions.  He shifted the weight in his arms and leaned down to brush his lips against the silky hair of his doe eyed woman.  Her plush soft body was nirvana in his arms, and he ached to see her eyes open so he could fall into there deep brown depths.  Seth chose well.

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