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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Lucy's In-Flight Entertainment Part 2

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.  Begin it now.” –Goethe
                        There is vulnerability in every author when they share something they have written, for better or worse.  It takes courage to step forward and begin the journey knowing there will be pitfalls and mountains to scale.  My journey is just beginning and I am just as scared when I started my first blog.  But courage has pushed me to write more regardless of the fear of failure.  So, I believe the above quote says it all.
            Here is Part 2 of Lucy’s In-Fight Entertainment. Enjoy. 

Lucy's In-Flight Entertainment Part 2

There was a light knock on the lavatory door.
"Miss Ward?"
The whiskey rough accent of the familiar voice of Captain Stavros caused my heart to quicken.  I cleared my throat and replied,
"I’m just freshening up and be out in a moment."
"Please, take your time Miss Ward. I am at your disposal."
I shivered from the man's innuendo and flushed deep as I stared into the mirror.  Lord, I was acting like a raging nymphomaniac.  And I couldn't help myself.  I was so needy with want.  Shaking my head I straightened my outfit and ran the stiff bristles of my brush through my thick hair.  I took a steady breathe and smiled at my flushed features.
Yeah, I so had the freshly fucked glow.  My green eyes sparkled as my breath hitched in my throat.  What was wrong with me? Why am I acting like such a slut? Nerves, it had to be nerves and the stress of moving to a different country. Right?
Nodding my head I packed my brush in my satchel bag and turned to leave the opulent lavatory. The damn bathroom was so much nicer than the one I had back in Logan. I unlocked the door and exited the stylish lavatory.
I walked down the short hallway and stepped into the spacious cabin of the private jet.  The cream leather over sized chairs lined one side of the plane in intimate angles while a hardwood conference table took the opposite side of the plane.  Luxurious seating framed the sturdy table.  And that was where I found Captain Stavros leaning against the table's edge with his arms folded on a muscled chest.
I couldn't help but travel my eyes on his sleek powerful body noting his sharp navy slacks, and the crisp white dress shirt tucked neatly into the well fitted trousers.  A navy tie caressed his neck and the sleek captain's cap covered dark brown hair.  But it was Captain Stavros' eyes that mesmerized me.  They were pitch black with a wicked dark gleam that made my pussy drip.
I took a step forward and out stretched my hand.
"Captain Stavros, it’s a pleasure to meet you, sir."
The breath in my chest constricted when his dark eyes sharpened into a powerful dominant glint when I called him sir.  The glide of a powerful hand over my soft skin sent chills down my arm.  His grip was firm and commanding.
I watched fascinated when the sides of his firm lips twitched before he spoke.
"The pleasures will my mine, Miss Ward."
He pulled his palm away and took a few steps away. I watched confused when he took off his cap and placed it neatly on the conference table behind him.  The loosening of his tie and the top button of his crisp shirt was next.  He placed his tie neatly beside the cap and began to unbutton his shirt cuffs.
I watched him slowly roll up his shirt sleeves in silence revealing dark hair that covered his forearms. Swallowing a soft moan had his lips twitching.
"Captain Stavros?"
"You will not speak unless I ask you to Miss Ward. Now undress."

My mouth dropped and only a soft gasp escaped. The pounding in my chest threatened to burst my heart.   But it was the slow heat and deep ache that made my pussy weep with moisture.  His dark eyes sharpened and the power of his voice had me slowly undressing.  I couldn’t stop my fingers from trembling, not from fear but from want.  My fingers fumbled as I tried to escape the confinement of clothing but froze when Captain Stavros’ whiskey deep voice commanded.
“Slower, my sweet Lucy, I want you to undress slower for me.”
I swallowed and nodded, feeling the wealth of my thick hair cascade down the side of my face, covering the opening of my crisp dress shirt.  My fingers slowed as my eyes locked on Captain Stavros’ hooded gaze. The power in his eyes had me trembling and I so wanted to feel his gaze travel my body and appreciate what bounty I had to offer.  Instead, he merely watched my eyes as I slipped my shirt off one shoulder allowing the material to glide down my quivering arm. The blouse fluttered and pooled into a spiral at my feet before my hands slide down my belly to my leather skirt.
The fine hairs on my stomach quivered and a soft gasp fell from my lips.  I caressed the supple leather before twisting my fingers and unbuttoning the latch.  The soft whirr of the zipper cast my eyes downward, but the sharp tsk from the captain forced my eyes to seek his ebony gaze.  I moaned as I shimmied the leather from my hips and stepped out of the skirt. Standing in my demi bra and lacy panties stained in heated moisture I waited for Captain Stavros' next command.
His dark eyes left mine and I couldn’t stop the whimper from the back of my throat.  I could almost feel his blatant heated gaze glide down every inch of my generous frame.  My chest heaved and breath quickened as my imagination soared at what this sexy man was going to do to me.
“Lie back on the table Lucy and spread your lovely thighs for me.  I want to see how much you want my touch.” he whispered.  Stavros took a step away, making sure he didn’t touch my body as I moved towards the conference table and rested my ass on the edge.
I leaned back on my elbows and scooted my hips onto the table before opening my trembling thighs.  I felt another wealth of moisture seep from my core and that musky sweet scent of my feminine juices filled the space between us.  A low growl rumbled from the captain’s chest.  His eyes narrowed slightly as they travelled my torso caressing my flushed skin.  Hard little nubs poked out of my bra exposing the berry pink nipples as the satin of my demi bra rubbed the tender nubs with each breath I took.
“Wider Lucy, I want you to open up for me wider.”
My thighs opened wider as my hips gyrated on the smooth wooden surface.  I was panting now.  Never was I so turned on by a man’s sinfully dark gaze.
“That’s good baby,” he purred. “Now lie back and raise your arms above your head.”
I shuddered and raised my arms forcing my back to arch slightly from the position I was placed in.  I watched moistening my suddenly dry lips with the tip of my pink tongue.  Stavros stepped away, grabbing his silk tie and prowled around the table like the predator he so clearly was.  The smooth silk was wrapped around my wrists securely before being latched to the table.  I let out a soft gasp before moaning from the slight weight of the silk tie against my wrists.  The need to close my thighs and rub my exposed hard clit against my skin was overwhelming.  And despite my ache I knew Captain Stavros would disapprove.
Instead, I waited growing hungrier for his dark eyes and masterful touch.  I watched as he stepped away and walked around the table.  My back arched when his calloused finger tips lightly brushed against my pebbled nipples forcing a lusty groan to escape.
“Mmm, so eager, Lucy and I haven’t even done anything to you yet,” Stavros chuckled, before flicking my nipples and pulling down my demi bra exposing my flushed chest and aching round globes.
I panted before curling my lips in trying to stop the pleading that was hovering in my throat.  I shook my head and arched my back again for his touch, but the slight weight of his fingers were gone leaving me even more needy.  He stood in front of my exposed body, my legs dangling slightly off the floor, swaying with the heavy weight of my stiletto boots that covered my shapely calves.
He grinned for the first time as he knelt in front of my open thighs.  His dark eyes captured mine as his head dipped closer to the apex of my lust.  It was slow, deliberate and sexy as fuck as I watched mesmerised and in total lust and compliance.  I felt his breathe inhale as the tip of his roman nose nudged the hard morsel that was my angry and needy clit.  My hips jerked forward forcing his face closer to my pooling wet heat, but he pulled away causing me to whimper.
“No, Lucy I’m in charge.  I get to say when you find your release and not a second more.  Do you understand?” he growled his hot breath fanning my soaked panties.
“Yes,” I gasped trying not to plead as I squeezed my eyes shut to fight the urge to wrap my thighs around the man’s face and force my orgasm from his stubble cheeks.
“Yes, what?”
My eyes snapped open from the dark heat in Stavros’ voice.  I blinked rapidly trying to gain any semblance of intelligence before I blurted out a single word.
His eyes crinkled.  My body arched and a scream was held back through clenched teeth as Stavros swooped between my thighs and glided his wet wide tongue from ass to clit.  His lips sucked on my hard nub forcing explosions of dark pleasure to shiver through my body.  I twisted as my hips grounded against his lapping tongue and salacious mouth.  So good, so fucking good that I knew I was moments from exploding.  My wrists tugged the silk tie in my eagerness to clutch the man closer.
Firm hands slide across my thighs as they closed slightly.  The deep growl of warning and the slight pinch to my thighs stopped the urge to wrap my legs around the man.  Stavros pulled back, his lower face shiny with my sweet musky juices.  He licked his lips causing me to moan and pant at the sexy sight.  His eyes captured mine just before the tips of two fingers pinched my clit forcing me to bow my back.  The two fingers slipped beneath my drenched panties and lightly traced the swollen folds of my labia.  The crinkled flesh was slick, soaking his clever and sadistic fingers as he teased my achy core.
“Soon, I will give you relief, Lucy,” Stavros whispered, “You respond so well, baby.”
I gasped and mewled in response.  There was no coherent thought just hard lusty need.  I spread my thighs wider and was rewarded with a deeper growl before Stavros plunged two fingers inside my tight core.  My inner muscles sucked him deep as my hips slipped into the primitive motion of riding his thick fingers.  My cries of pleasure filled the plane as I rode the man.  A third finger filled me squeezing into my tight sheath, pumping aggressively. My head thrashed my body heaved and every cell was open and exposed as I fought to stop my release.
Captain Stavros stood panting, pulling his drenched fingers from my pussy.  I watched as his barrel chest heaved and his fists clenched.  His dark eyes drilled into mine as shaking fingers unbutton his navy slacks and pulled the zipper down.  His calloused hand pulled out a monstrous cock, nine inches in length and so thick that I knew I would be feeling him several days later.  I nearly orgasm at the sight of his dripping precum as his massive body hovered over my shaking limbs.
He braced his chest over mine and rubbed his thick spongy tip over my swollen hole before sliding in to his balls.  I screamed with pleasure as he stretched me open.  I felt so full as my pussy throbbed sucking him tighter and deeper into my hungry body.
“Oh, fuck Lucy I knew you would be this tight and hot.  Now, baby, ride my cock and take your pleasure.  Fuck me.” grunted Stavros as he pulled to the tip and forced his thickness into me.
I wrapped my legs around his waist and thrust my hips, grinding my pussy into his pelvis forcing him to pump harder into my slippery chute.  More I needed more.  The slapping of flesh and the sweat that dripped between our bodies fuelled my lust.  My body glided against his crisp shirt causing me to shiver as the material caressed my nipples. The pungent musk of sex coated every exposed limb as I forced Stavros to fuck me harder and faster.
The wicked dark heat of my orgasm erupted squeezing my muscles sucking the cock in spasms.  I screamed and arched my back thrashing, squeezing his body tight, milking every thrust until I felt the first molten spurt of his cum.  Stavros roared above my body as his hips erratically jerked and thrust forcing spurt after spurt of his musky seed into my eager sheath.  I cried out with each gift Stavros gave me until my limbs felt like putty and my body melted into the wooden table.
My thighs dropped to the sides of our entwined bodies, as Stavros still thrust slowly in and out of me taking every last moment until his cock softened and pulled out of my soft wet heat.  He pressed his clothed body against my panting chest and lightly kissed my open mouth nipping my lips before pulling away. 
He stood and took a step back tucking in his cock and zipping his slacks.  Pausing Captain Stavros slowly travelled his dark eyes over my flushed satiated body taking in my wanton pleasure and release.  His handsome face broke into a lazy smile before he leaned over me and unknotted his tie and rubbed my arms before pulling them down to my sides.  He leaned his body into mine and lightly nipped my neck before he whispered,
“It has been a wonderful delight, Miss Lucy Ward.  And I will be your captain any time you wish to fly.”
He pulled away and grabbed his tie and jacket as I watched the magnificent man stroll towards the cockpit.  My body still pulsed with my orgasm, sending warm rivers of luscious heat that made me sleepy.  I forced my weighted limbs off the table and bent down to grab my skirt and blouse.  I dressed haphazardly knowing that my sexual escapades were just beginnng.   But even I needed time to take a nap.  I draped my body on the leather couch and rested my head on the soft cushions, closing my eyes I yawned before settling into a languid sleep. 
I briefly opened my eyes to glance at my watch.  Five more hours to go, I grinned wickedly.  Yeah, I needed a nap, because who knew what would happen in five hours.  I closed my eyes and giggled.

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