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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Lucy's In-Flight Entertainment: Part 1

I hope everyone is enjoying my little series. I’ve just finished the third installment of my Lucy Ward Adventures and I had to break it into two parts. Enjoy Part 1.  Cheers! See everyone soon for Part 2.
Lucy's In-Flight Entertainment: Part 1
The limo door opened casting a fresh glow of sunshine into the dark interior.  My mind was a bit numb from the two maybe three glasses of wine.  A large palm reached inside beckoning me to leave the safety of the limo.  I reached over and grasped the dry palm of Mr. Smythe as he pulled me gently out of the leather interior.  My eyes squinted and I wobbled a bit to balance my strappy high heels on the tarmac asphalt.  Mr. Smythe released my hand.
“Thank you Mr. Smythe, I believe I had one glass of wine too many during the ride to the airport.”
A giggle escaped, breaking the solemn expression of my flushed features.
Another giggle filled the space as I brushed my pricey skirt that I bought on-line a year ago.  Leather was always in style and at 75% off I couldn’t resist.  The crisp white top tucked neatly in the leather waist band was also smoothed over as I leaned against the door and winked at Mr. Smythe’s twinkling eyes.
“All ready Miss Ward?” he nodded, a slice of a hovering grin just about peaked against his smooth lips.
For an older man, Mr. Smythe was actually pretty damn cool.
I nodded, “More than you know, Mr. Smythe.”
With a subtle gesture he ushered me forward and motioned to use his elbow to steady my tad wobbly gait as I strode across the surprisingly smooth surface of the tarmac.  My mouth dropped before I could snap it shut when I saw the sleek contours of a Lear jet waiting patiently for me.  I was flying the only way to fly, by private jet.  Oh yeah. 

The deep chuckle beside me and a light tap against my hand that was unconsciously clawing into an expensive suit had me ease the sudden awe and apprehension that was churning inside my gut.  I blinked and shook my head.
“Yes, Miss Ward, the private jet is for you.  Our employer takes great pleasure with his employee’s needs and eight hours on a commercial jet even in First Class isn’t an option for him.  So, please enjoy your flight, the crew has exceptional references and are eager to please.” 
The sly wink and cheeky grin had me blink back my shock.  I grinned and wagged my finger at the solemn Mr. Smythe.
“Don’t worry Mr. Smythe. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the in-flight movie and the beverage cart.”  I added my own wicked wink and gentle bump of my hips against his side.  I sashayed my ample ass that bumped and grind beneath the chocolate brown of my super sexy leather skirt.  Ooh yeah, I was ready for anything.  And from the subtle directions of my Mr. Smythe I was in for an amazing first time flight.
As I approached the mystery of the darkened alcove my palms felt the telltale slickness of nervous sweat.  Sure, I was excited, even overwhelmed.  And this flight was my first ever.  The sharp click of my heels reverberated through my body.  I paused and glanced over my shoulder before raising my hand and giving Mr Smythe a tentative wave goodbye.
Nodding his grey head the elderly man winked and bowed before turning and walked back to the limo to fetch the rest of my luggage.  A soft clearing of a throat turned my attention from the old man and drew my gaze to a willowy brunet who was clearly gorgeous and decked out in a form fitted uniform that in one word was delicious.
“Oh my,” I mumbled.
I couldn’t help wander my green eyed gaze over the slender limbs and generous curves that were blatantly feminine.  Deep chocolate eyes twinkled as her curious wandering eyes silently groped my stirring arousal. 
“Miss Ward?” The soft accent, clearly British sent tingles of awareness that shot straight to my pussy.  There was something about an accent, any accent that screamed yummy good sex.
“Yeah, that’s me. But please just call me, Lucy.”
 “It’s pleasure to meet you, Lucy.  Please, we will be shortly under way as soon as your luggage is safely stored.” 
She smiled, showing small pearly white teeth surrounded by lush crimson stained lips.  Her mouth widened as she stepped back and graciously waved me into the jaw dropping elegance and wealth of the private jet.  My nipples hardened as I continued to ascend the metal stairs. My eyes never wavered from the intensity her twinkling delicious brown depths offered. 
The vivid image of those pouty red cushions hovering over my now aching nubs was powerful and entirely naughty.  No doubt other salacious immoral images would crowd inside my head and it was inevitable that I was going to be flat on my back sometime during the eight hour flight.  Miss Penelope Crane oozed the kind of sexy feminine awareness that bottled nicely in her small frame but highly sensual aura. I returned her smile and reached out my hand for a friendly greeting.  
What was appropriate or not didn’t occur to me, just the profound need to touch her skin.  Her gentle floral scent of summer filled my lungs and the super smooth softness of her palms tightening in a friendly grip.
“I’m looking forward to the flight.  This will be my first time in a plane.”
“Well, we can only hope that as crew of this flight we make your first flight a memorable flight.” Penelope tilted her elegantly coiffed head before her slow wink caused a rush of heat fill my cheeks and a delightful dampness in my panties.
As I walked into the elegant interior of the jet I murmured over my shoulder before taking a flirtatious glance.
“I can’t wait for the in-flight entertainment.”
*   *   *
I was stretched beyond what I had experienced in the past.  There was so much cock stuffed inside me that I felt each thrust burrowing into my soul.  And with each slick wetness that dripped from my aching hungry cunt, my orgasm built until I was quivering from the fantastic sex that was happening to me.  I moaned deep and guttural digging my nails into the sinewy strength of muscle that covered the limbs of the one of the sexiest co-pilot I have ever seen. 
I should have remembered his name but from the moment I entered the lavish jet and was seated by that sexy bitch Penelope Crane I was in lust over load.
“You’re so tight,” he gasped, shaking his light brown hair.
Tiny drops of sweat sprinkled on my face and chest as he shoved deeper into me.  My legs were draped over his broad shoulders as he folded me into a pretzel on the soft leather chair.  The sharp wet sounds of my pussy being pounded nearly tipped me over the edge. I groaned deep shaking my head from the intense pleasure that was brimming through my entire body. That delicious deep heat that filled my core caused my cunt to quiver as my orgasm slammed into my willing body.  I arched and screamed clawing into the broad back as Mr. Fucking-Gorgeous roared out his release.
I moaned, squeezing my inner walls absorbing the eruption of seed that filled my insides.  Delicate quivers shook my body as my pussy greedily drank in the co-pilots hot pungent spunk.  I watched as the man hovering over my body squeezed his eyes shut from his release as I marvelled at the vision of raw pleasure fill his too handsome features.  A guttural groan had him pulling away and easing his softening cock from my well-used and totally satisfied pussy.
Bright white teeth curved into a plush sensuous mouth.  I grinned as he leaned forward and brushed a soft kiss over my swollen mouth.  He pulled away with a wink.
“You my dear have been the best lay I’ve had in a very long time.”
I grinned as I sat up and demurely reached for my scattered clothing.
“Now, you’re just being polite since you just fucked me.”
His deep low chuckle and light caress to my naked shoulder as he trailed slender fingers to the curve of my full breast made me moan.  He tweaked my hard nipples before pulling away.  I watched through the tangle of my auburn hair as he fixed his rumpled uniform.
“I must be getting back to the cockpit,” his light tawny eye winking, “but I’m sure to let the Captain know that our guest is well satisfied with the flight so far?”
I paused in pulling on my skirt and gave him a cheeky grin.  The slick wetness of our mixed juices that were sliding down my inner thighs and that unique scent of sex had me quirking a brow.
“Perhaps the Captain should see how well satisfied I am for himself?”
The light haired co-pilot threw back his head and filled the cabin with deep laughter.
“You are incorrigible, Lucy.  First, our lovely Penelope and now me, it seems you’re insatiable.”
“You have no idea,” I giggled feeling that familiar pulse of horny need fill my insides again.
“Well, my lady, it would be rude if you didn’t get a proper visit with Captain Stavros.  He has a formidable personality.”
A dark chuckle eased out of my throat, “Then, I’m looking forward to meeting Captain Stavros.”

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