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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Lucy's Naughty Farewell

Here is the next installment of my Lucy Ward Adventures.  This story is a whole lot of naughty.  Enjoy!

Lucy's Naughty Farewell

Lying on my side I felt the heavy weight of Brad's palm press against my naked hipbone.  The king sized bed dipped as Alice shifted. Her lean alabaster body rolled to sit at the edge of their bed.  Creamy smooth skin glistened as she stood.  I watched captivated from the long limbs that stretched over her head as she turned to watch Brad caress my heated skin.

His calloused fingers dipped over my hipbone trailing towards my shaved pubic bone. I moaned when I felt the light brush of his lips against the shell of my ear.

"She is so beautiful, isn't she Lucy," he whispered, sending delightful chills down my body.

I moaned as I nodded my head watching Alice slide her fingers against her rosy pink skin. My eyes followed her elegant hands as they fondled her red tipped nipples. Squeezing and tugging the turgid peaks until they speared into piercing points. My breath shallower as soft pants escaped my lips.

“Oh Alice, you are one sexy bitch," I gasped.

My body arched when I felt Brad's hot tongue lick across my shoulder and neck before he gently nipped and sucked my flesh.  The pressure of his hot wet mouth curled my toes, but it was his exploring fingers that forced a shudder from my body. His blunt index finger rubbed the hooded alcove where my clit lay buried waiting to come out and play.  He stroked the fleshy hood rubbing the sensitive skin until my legs spread and invited him closer.

I felt my eager little nub peek from behind her safe haven as Brad's finger lightly brushed against her pink heat. I groaned as he stroked my growing clit.  It thickened and swelled with each teasing flick.  My hips swirled and my legs opened as I gave myself to Brad’s masterful touch.

"Oh god Brad, that feels so fucking good," I panted, jerking my pussy onto his finger.

His deep chuckle sent erotic chills down my back as my eyes fluttered closed.  My body arched as his fingers worked their magic on my aching clit. My hips pumped and the slick creamy juices of my cunt flowed from my quivering slit.

Brad's finger left my swollen nub as another finger glided down to open my crinkled folds and exposed my hot wet pussy.  His teeth bit my neck leaving a pink brazen mark on my flesh that had me gasping in lust.

"Lucy, you have such a pretty pussy," moaned Alice.

My eyes snapped open as I watched Alice lift one long leg and rested her foot on the edge of her bed.  She spread her legs and opened her hot slick core to my eyes.  Juicy pink folds dripped from her arousal as her fingers lightly played with her swollen clit.

I watched her play with the pink hungry nub moaning as Brad brushed one finger over my exposed slit. My hips jerked trying to force him into my body, but he pulled away teasing my wet hole.

"Fuck Brad, stop teasing me and fuck my cunt." I growled grabbing his hand and forcing his fingers inside my hot dripping depths.

My body arched as two thick fingers filled my wet hole, stretching me with that sweet ache that bordered on pain and pleasure.  I groaned as my cunt throbbed around the invading fingers.  The bed dipped as Alice crawled across the firm mattress and settled before my hungry body.

She smiled her deep brown eyes sharp with lust.

"I love watching Brad finger fuck you, Lucy.  I love your sweet cries when he stretches your hot hole," she whispered.

Gasping from Brad's skilled fingers pumping into me and Alice's sexy confession my body ached for more.

"More," left my lips as I lifted my hand and lightly caressed Alice's swollen heavy breasts.  She moaned and pressed her perfect mounds into my soft hands.

I kneaded her warm soft globes rubbing her nipples before pinching and swirling with my finger tips.  Alice leaned closer taking my panting mouth and covered her pouty lips over mine.  The smooth glide of her tongue mimicked the slow sensual stroking of Brad's fingers as the two entered my body and filled me with such raw pleasure.

"More, I need more," I panted against Alice's exploring mouth.  I felt her smile against my lips before pulling away.

She sat back and cupped my cheek before sliding her hand down my neck.  A soft giggle broke from her sweet lips as I felt Brad take her fingers into his mouth and gently sucked on them.  Her eyes flared and darkened even more as she pumped her fingers into her husband's talented mouth.

I was panting from her glazed eyes and heated arousal.  She smiled before pulling her wet fingers away and gasped when Brad gently nipped her tips.  A hard shove of his fingers inside me had my back arching and my pussy juice dripping over my thighs.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head when I felt Alice pinch my erect nipples with Brad's hot saliva coating her fingers.

"Yes," I hissed pumping my pussy and grinding my tits.

"So beautiful, Lucy, you are so fucking hot when you start to come undone." Alice groaned.

Her hot lips replaced her eager fingers as they sucked and nipped my turgid peaks.  My body bucked between my two lovers as pleasure coated my limbs in a fine sheen of sweat.  The pungent scent of arousal filled my head as my body craved more.

"More, please I need more," I panted squirming from their combined touch.

Brad chuckled, "Are you getting greedy, Lucy?"

"Yes, yes I am," exploded out of my mouth as Alice slide two of her fingers into my wet crammed pussy.

My body arched from the slight pain that her invading fingers caused as I wailed my pleasure.

"I need more," I gasped mewling from my pussy being stretched so wonderfully.  Four fingers pumped inside of my hot depths, coating their hands with my pungent spicy juices.  The glide and wet smacks filled my ears as soft panting and aroused growls of my lovers filled the room.

"Greedy little whore, you’ll get what you deserve," panted Brad.

He pulled his fingers free as Alice followed suit leaving me exposed and open as my cunt throbbed from want.

"Please," I begged.

"On your knees, but keep your head down, Lucy," Brad ordered as he pulled away.

Mewling and my limbs shaking, I rolled to my belly and curled my knees under me before raising my ass high into the air.  I spread my thighs exposing my wet swollen pussy as cool air brushed against my shiny folds.

"That's my little slut," growled Brad as he sank a thick thumb into my dripping cunt.

I cried out and tried to force him deeper, but his thumb was gone leaving me aching and horny as hell.  A sharp smack on my ass sent quivers of lust and delight that piled on top of each other forcing more pleading groans.  I twisted my head to look over my shoulder, but Alice's strong fingers stopped me.

"Oh no, Lucy I have something for you to do," she smiled.

The brush of her silky thighs was felt against my head as I turned and found her hot moist cunt exposed to my face.  My body shuddered from her sweet scent as I watched her juices flow down her open slit and pool on her puckered starburst.  Her thighs open wider giving me more room to play.

I glanced up at her smouldering eyes as she placed her manicured hand at the back of my head and guided my face to her hungry cunt.  I smiled and winked before I closed my eyes and leaned down for that first exquisite taste.

Her damps folds crowded my mouth as my tongue took that first mouthful of the sweetest juices.  I moaned deep and guttural.  She tasted like sweet peaches and cream.  My mouth sucked and licked, rimming her hot pussy, taking as much as I could into my mouth.  Her swollen clit brushed against my nose before I twirled my tongue around the hungry nub.

Alice cried out and arched her back forcing her hungry pussy deeper into my mouth.  Her thighs tightened around my head forcing me tight to her shaking body. My lust soared when I drank from her body and it deepened when I felt Brad cover my naked limbs with his hard hairy body.

"I love watching you suck my wife's pink juicy pussy.  She tastes so good doesn't her?" Brad growled nipping the back of my neck before placing kisses down my back.

I moaned deep as I lifted my ass higher hoping for more.

"Patience baby, I'll fuck your hot cunt in time," he whispered against my heated flesh.

Strong hands glided down my back and hairy thick thighs settled between my legs, before shoving my wet cunt on their hairy lengths. I gasped and rubbed my aching pussy panting at the sensation of Brad's thighs tickling and torturing my exposed hungry clit.  His soft hairs caressed me like a master that had my whole body shuddering.

Everything on me was tight and quivering.  I was so horny and ready to fall apart at any given moment.  The taste of Alice's cunt and the touch of Brad's roaming hands were exquisite.  But I needed more and only a nine inch cock stretching my cunt would relieve my torture.

Brad's fingers trailed down my back exposing my tiny pink starburst to a gentle stroke.  My hips jerked higher as I groaned louder.

"Later, I'll fuck your ass later, sweetness.  For right now my cock wants your pussy."

I nodded my head manically, arching my back and lifting my hips higher. I pulled away from Alice reluctantly and growled over my shoulder.

"Well, fuck me dammit."

Brad snarled, but I knew it was from his wife's wet juices coating my mouth and chin.

"Bossy little slut aren't you."

I couldn't stop my grin as I turned away and lowered my head to the red swollen cunt that begged to be eaten.  My smile deepened when my hips were grabbed and the spongy mushroom tip of Brad’s nine inch prick rubbed against my pussy slit.

Fuck, yeah this is what I'm talking about.  He teased me with a few strokes before pushing in his thick flared head stretching my aching hole.  I cried out into the wet pussy riding my face as my hips jerked.

A sharp slap to my ass flared more lust to my cunt.  But it was Brad pulling out of my body and plunging in to the root that had me howling.  My inner walls stretched and quivered as he plunged, scraping my sweet spot with his flared thick head.  My eyes rolled to the back of my head as gasps of breath exploded from my chest.

He hammered me with his cock, fucking me like a wild beast as my pussy slammed onto his thick shaft.  That dark liquid heat before orgasm thickened inside my body as sweat coated my limbs.  The pungent scent of pussy juices and the unique spice of Brad's honeyed precum swirled in my head.

I was panting and crying as he sawed in and out of my body, taking what I was eager to offer.  My cunt tightened and pulsed as tears gathered in my eyes.

I arched tearing my mouth away as my orgasm struck sending over to the abyss as I screamed my released.  My hungry cunt choked Brad's pumping cock as his hands squeezed my hips as he continued to hammer into me. I whimpered and rest my head on Alice's thigh.  But I didn't forget her as I plunged three fingers into her pussy and fucked her vigorously.  My lips closed over her swollen clit and sucked hard and deep.

She arched her back and screamed as a gush of creamy cunt juice covered my face as I continued to finger fuck her quivering slit that squeezed my fingers tight.  I moaned loving the taste of her orgasm and feeling the spurts of hot cum fill my well used pussy as Brad howled his orgasm and filled my inner walls.

We all fell into a panting heap before pulling away and moving into a more comfortable position to rest.  I crawled up Alice's body placing soft tender kisses on her skin before I settled.  I rested my sweat soaked head on her cushioned chest and wrapped my arms around her silken body.  I inhaled the spicy aroma of our spent lust and smiled when I felt Brad fold me against his hairy masculine body.

I giggled when I felt his cum and my pussy juice slip from my body as I squeezed my thighs tighter. I needed to keep our spunk inside my body a bit longer.  My pussy pulsed in a sweet ach as I snuggled between my two closest friends.

I sighed when I felt soft lips kiss my shoulder as I burrowed deeper into the sweet heat.  Closing my eyes I smiled.  Now this was what I needed, a sweet farewell and a good hard fucking.

*   *   *

The crush of Alice’s arms nearly choked me as I tried to turn grab my suitcase.  Her beautiful face was stained with happy tears as she pulled away just enough to give me a deep kiss.

“You take care, Lucy.  I’m gonna miss you, we both are,” she turned to her husband, eyes glittering with tears.

Brad nodded and gently pulled his wife away from her strangle hold on me. I felt a warmth creep inside my belly.  It was strange and not quite unpleasant, but it wasn’t something I usually felt.  Well, atleast not in a long time.  Alice and Brad were probably my closest friends.  They knew about my peculiar problem and were always very accommodating when I needed some time to crash at their place. 

To say that they were shocked that I was leaving North America to fly overseas and live in Scotland at a crazy-assed whim was putting it mildly.  But from the sheer excitement that must have been pouring out of my pores they must have realised that it was time for me to go and live something different.

Alice managed to let me go but I couldn’t resist swooping in and placing a hard kiss against her soft pouty lips.  I turned and pulled Brad down and planted another steamy mouth play, using a whole lot of tongue and teeth.  He moaned just like I did before I pulled away and stepped back.  I quickly grabbed my suitcase and threw my satchel purse over my shoulder. I rolled my luggage over to the end of the curb where a man dressed in a sharp navy suit strode forward and took my suitcase. 

I thanked him, blushing at his knowing eyes.  I knew he watched as I said my intimate goodbyes, but there wasn’t a lick of judgement in his grey steady gaze.  Instead, he nodded his head and ushered me to the rear of the limousine.  The sleek vehicle was sent on behalf of my new employer.  He gallantly opened the back door and I climbed in with as much grace as my excitement could manage.  The door clicked shut taking me into a world of splendour and wealth. Holy fucking shit!   I sat back on the butter soft leather, lightly running my palms on the super smooth material.

Mr Smythe, who introduced himself, slide into the front seat and carefully pulled into the morning traffic of small town, Logan.  Twisting my body to wave goodbye as the limo pulled away I watched  Alice and Brad wave back.  They began to blur as my eyes grew heavy with tears, but I was okay as I wiped them away.  I felt Mr. Smythe’s warm gaze and smiled back hesitantly.

“This must be a bit frightening for you, I gather.” His soft accent trailed through the open glass that separated us.

I shrugged, “It is, but it isn’t.  I mean I have this feeling that something remarkable is going to happen. It already is,”

I looked away to stare at the buildings streaking passed, nibbling my lower lip.

Logan isn’t for me any more. My life was becoming stagnant and I was afraid that I was going to get caught in the muck.  I’m looking forward to taking care of this cottage for the next twelve months.”

Mr. Smythe nodded his head and gave me a sincere smile before he spoke.

“I’m sure it will be a delight for you, this next adventure.”

I laughed in a merry tune as I nodded in agreement.  The grin on my face must have been huge because my face hurt.  But I didn’t care.  I was being chauffeured in a fancy luxury vehicle with a gentleman that was part of my new employer’s staff.

“Will you be accompanying me on the flight?”

“No, Miss Ward I will not.  I have a few other matters that need attention, but rest assure that you will be in safe hands with Captain Stavros, co-pilot Montgomery and flight attendant, Miss Penelope Crane.  They are a fine crew to fly with, very accommodating.”

I blushed from the way he winked at me when he mentioned that the crew was accommodating.  The man must have been in his mid sixties, and looked very respectable and distinguished.  Maybe my unique pheromone flare was getting to him, but probably not since I haven’t been in the limo long enough and I wasn’t remotely attracted to him.  Perhaps he knew something that I didn’t about the flight crew.  I was going to be spending a quite a bit of time with them in tight quarters on an eight hour flight.

My curiosity casted a twinkle in my green eyes, before I could help it a salacious grim swept my mouth.  I had a feeling I was going to be very naughty and very exhausted by the time the flight touched down in Glasgow.  Anticipation made me fidget a bit until Mr. Smythe suggested a drink in the mini bar that was artfully tucked into the leather surroundings.  Don’t mind if I do. 

I checked out the stash curious of what was stocked in a limousine.   Pouring a respectable amount of chilling wine into fluted crystal I sat back and sipped the fruity wine.  Damn.  It was all I could think as I watched Logan disappear as we drove to the big city and the airport.  Damn.

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