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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Lucy Ward Adventures

I've been working on my Lucy Ward Adventures and want to share what I have written so far. This story is my first attempt with first person erotic fiction.  I usually write in third person.  So, I hope everyone enjoys the first story. 

 Lucy Dumps a Dud
There wasn't a doubt, this was the last time I was going to watch Benny Chestmore bounce on top of me.
 I had to squeeze my eyes shut when he maneuvred me into the “position”.   I felt pretty damn ridiculous lying on my back with my feet hanging over his skinny shoulders as they bobbed against his pimpled back.  He tried to plow that mini cock into me and I barely felt a tickle. In the end it was just plain fucking irritating.  I realized it was time that bouncing Benny got the boot.

With a deep breath I managed to pry my eyes open and watch the red face, slack mouthed soon-to be ex twist his features into a grunting menage of grease and sweat.  I couldn’t stop the shudder when I felt that first drop of sweat hit my cheek
“Oh baby do you feel me?” he panted, “Do you feel my cock fucking you hard? Do you want more?  I’m gonna give it to you, baby.”
Please no, I don’t need any more of your cock. I rolled my eyes from behind my closed lids and tried not to grimace at the sour stench of his breath and the ridiculous bullshit that was coming out of his mouth.  Did he actually think his high pitched squeal was sexy and that he was going to send me into a sexual frenzy?  Right. 
A super charged bubble of laughter was caught in my chest as it tried to squeeze out of my throat.  Thank god, Benny was predictable and I got that chance to squirt some lube on before the games commenced.  By now I would have been rubbed raw from his forever misconception of okay sex.  And from my point of view this wasn't okay sex.
I sighed. It slipped out and I doubted Benny heard it.  His wailed a strange bawl from his pencil thin lips.  Fuck, he sounded like a cow in heat.  It  sounded like a crazy-ass noise I  heard once in the barnyard when the ranch hands had Miss Betsy mounted by the resident stud.  Lord, what I needed was another resident stud that was going to clean my clock and cross my eyes permanently from all the truly glorious fucking that my pussy craved.
 Instead, I had to cope with the jerking hips of my soon-to-be Ex.  And I dreaded the fact that he would eventually flop on top of me snoring before I would get a chance to escape.  A sigh exploded out of me, it couldn’t be helped.
“Oh, fuck me, Lucy I gonna blow,” he whined.
It’s about time!
His high pitching squeal and sloppy jerking hips was the relief I finally needed.  Benny's weight tried to crush me when he collapsed, and I really couldn’t stop from squirming away from the grease of his sweat as it smeared against my golden toned skin.  It seemed that another shower was in the near future once I managed to get the snoring oaf off my body. 
Damn, I still had my boxers hanging from my right foot twisted between my foot and the tangled sheets of my queen sized bed. The snoring commenced in roar of what could be described as pissed off bees.  Shoving his shoulders with a practised heave I had Benny flopping to his back oblivious to my sour grimace.
I kicked off the scrap of material that was once boy boxers. I promised to myself that I would  chuck the pretty pink material into the garbage.  The shower beckoned and so was the decision on how to get out of this life that I was suddenly living.  The time for action was now.  And even though I had this problem that I technically couldn’t control there was no way that Benny was going to make me happy or satisfied.  I quietly walked towards the bathroom as thoughts of the past filled my head.
Nine months ago it seemed like a good idea to hook up with him, considering our shifts were opposite.  I only had to deal with him on the weekends.  But then he moved in, lost his job and mooched off of me for the past six months.  And because of my “pheromone” challenged affliction, I had the knack for making the surrounding population of men and women horny.
Yeah, hooray for me, because it really sucked
I slipped into the tiny shower, peeling off the pink camisole and dropping it to the linoleum floor.  The once clear plastic of the shower curtains were tugged closed before I turned on the hot water and washed away another disappointing moment in my twenty-three years of life.  I scrubbed my long limbs, taking a special moment in cleaning the lube from my pussy as I gently rubbed the tender folds that were red from Benny.  My fingers were mechanical and there was no enjoyment in the touch as my index finger slide over the fleshy crinkle of my labia.  I had no urge to slip in the finger and probe my tight core.  There wasn’t a hint of lust, not even a drop.
Pulling my finger away, I grabbed the shampoo and washed my shoulder length auburn hair, easing the tension from my shoulders.
“Come on Lucy Ward, it’s time to ball up and get out of this mess,” I mumbled into the spray of lukewarm water.
There was no point staying in the cool spray and I didn’t really want to go back into the bedroom and crawl beside Benny’s useless snoring body.  I grabbed my threadbare housecoat that faded to a pale blue from the numerous washings and many lonely late nights that ate at my life before the wonders of Benny. 
It was surprisingly soft as it covered my shivering skin, managing to absorb some moisture from my body.  I didn’t care about its ineffectiveness.  It felt like home to me despite its ratty appearance. A quick glance in the mirror sought out the light flavour of lime in my eyes ignoring the dark circles that were becoming constant companions on my freckled nose and cheeks.
A pretty young woman stared back, but then I wasn’t going to win “America’s Next Top Model”.  I shoved away from the counter and turned to, and I couldn’t help but grimace, sneak back into my bedroom and find something to wear. 
I felt ridiculous tip toeing and just ended up walking across the carpeted floor to snatch my faded jeans and bright green t-shirt that was folded on my dresser.  Socks and fresh panties were nabbed including a frilly cream demi-cupped bra that should have covered my pink tipped nipples but didn’t.  I walked out of the bedroom without another glance and strolled out into the living room.
Quickly dressing, I flipped on my laptop perched on a small card table I used as a work station and waited for it to power up.  My stomach growled menacingly as I walked across the tiny living room, before I patted the curved roundness of my belly.
“Okay, I hear you; I’ll make something quick to eat and wash it down with some coffee.” 
 The corners of my mouth slipped upward and a faint giggle escaped.  I was talking to my tummy.  Geez, was I a kid or what? Well, I had to be since the shirt I was wearing had a logo that said, “It’s not easy being green, even if I am easy.”   Okay, even though I made people horny didn't mean I hated sex.  In truth, I loved a good fuck and I stressed the word, good.  It had been a long time since I felt my eyes roll to the back of my head, especially when it wasn’t from boredom or irritation.
A bowl of Reece’s Pieces and a mug of instant Maxwell House Bold Blend were carried into the small living-room and placed on my worktable.  A few clicks with the mouse and I was staring at my custom home page.  I searched the page and found today’s news and clicked. 
Normally, the horoscopes were the first thing I browsed, but today something pulled me towards the local newspaper that was a daily download.  In between mouthfuls of crunchy peanut butter and chocolate and that bitter sweet bite of coffee I was scrolling down the Classifieds until a particular ad caught my searching eye.
“Searching for a responsible individual for a period of one year to maintain a country cottage in Glen Morh, Scotland. Please send a resume and photo to the email address of Solicitors: Banks & MacTundry at .”
Wow, it would be pretty damn cool to just pick up and leave.  I frowned at the sudden heavy beat in my chest and was just about to click to another page when a strange compulsion gripped my insides and a sensation that was neither terrible nor pleasant gripped my hand.  I bit my lip.
“Oh fuck it.  It would give me an excuse to get rid of Benny and the most kick ass adventure ever.” I mumbled.
Practised fingers typed across the keyboard and with a few clicks from my mouse I was uploading my resume and a fairly decent photo that was borderline respectable. I didn’t understand why my photo was needed, but then I figured it had something to do with peculiar needs that the UK wanted in resumes.  I shrugged and clicked the send button, thinking that I didn’t have anything else to lose. 
I sat back and an overwhelming urge to laugh bubbled in my chest.  A smile broke across my pleasant features and I felt giddy like a teenager waiting for tickets for my first concert.  Suddenly, my grim world felt a bit brighter.  I turned off my laptop when I heard a noise coming from the bedroom. 
My lips pinched tight.  I stood searching the room for my purse and cell phone.  I guess it was time to go and make myself scarce so Benny would do what he does, which wasn’t much.   I had to kill some time anyway, before my next shift at the Mega-Big Bookstore, stocking shelves.
 Later, Benny.   I grabbed my short leather jacket and knock off Ray Ban sunglasses, before I headed to the front door of the apartment.
*   *   *
The yawn stretched my mouth wide.  I fumbled with the key for the apartment door as I struggled to open that damn thing.  I had to pee so bad that I couldn’t keep still and insert the damn key.  I couldn’t help but chuckle from the thought of how many times Benny had a hard time inserting something into a slot.  It wasn’t a nice thought that popped inside my head, but oh well.
Shaking my head, I was tired from a long day with little sleep.  And I chastised myself for slinking out of my own place in fear of a repeat performance of lousy sex with a lousy boyfriend.  Frowning, I stopped from turning the key with the thought of Benny being an actual boyfriend.   He was more like a room-mate with benefits, and the benefits seemed to benefit him.
Too weary to care, I shoved the door open, since it tended to stick.  I gave up pestering the superintendent to fix the damn door and Benny was useless with tools.  Another nasty thought crept inside my head about Benny and his “tool”, but I somehow managed to suppress it.  Barely.  Okay,it was time to let the man go.   I knew it would be me taking the hike and finding a new place to sleep. Somehow, I wasn’t fazed about that choice.
The door swung open into a dark room and my sigh of relief filled the empty space.  Involuntarily, I clenched a fist and gave a short whoop of pleasure.  Yeah, it was pathetic and weird, but solace was my friend.  Today was a rough day, especially after how I had to fend off the resident pervert Marty that worked at the bookstore.  I should have given in and fucked him, but in truth he creeped me out and just because I made people horny didn’t mean I was a slut.  I had principles and as crazy as it sounds morals too.
A smile spread over my face when I remembered that I did have an encounter earlier before heading back to the apartment to get dressed in the standard uniform for work.  I didn’t know his name, but he was hot and had a dick that I thoroughly enjoyed sucking.  And not once did I feel bad for “cheating” on Benny. 
Tall, blond and amazingly hung sure made my day, in fact, he made my entire week.  There was no doubt I was going to masturbate to the memory of him splashing his cum over my face.  The memory of his unique pungent scent was all male and potent.  Yeah, he was definitely fuck worthy.  Too bad that there wasn’t enough time for more, but he did get me off by merely allowing me to suck him dry.
 I sighed deep.  I missed sucking cock.  I was good at it and really got off on it too.  I smirked, thinking about that porn actress in the seventies movie, “Deep Throat”.  She had nothing on me.
I flicked the light on revealing the mess that was entirely Benny.  I grimaced at the slob’s work grumbling under my breath for putting up with the shit.  My foot sneaker kicked away an empty box of crackers, spilling the few crumbs that were left all over the faded carpet.
“Aw shit, man,” I grumbled dropping my satchel purse on the coffee table and turned on more lights to see the complete damage inside the apartment.
Empty beer cans, Humpty Dumpty chip bags, and over flowing cigarettes in a make shift ashtray littered the living-room.  Benny had his buddies over.  He knew I hated it when they smoked in the apartment.  I was sensitive to cigarette smoke.  In fact, I felt the churn of my stomach roll and pitch from the lingering stench.  I rushed to the window and struggled to open it, jerking up the stubborn frame until I felt a cool breeze enter the stuffy room.
My shoulders slumped as I stepped back and quietly surveyed the trashed room.  My pale eyes focused on the makeshift ashtray before I gasped.
“Why you mother fucker,” I growled clenching my jaw from screaming into the room.
The one thing that held any value to me besides my worn housecoat was the ceramic dish that my foster mother Glenda made just before she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  It was the one thing I kept in a place safe from Benny.  He must have been snooping for something and found it. 
A red haze filled my vision and I couldn’t stop the fierce rage that had me prowling the small space of the living-room.  My limbs shook and a fine sheen of cold sweat covered my body.   I shook so bad that if that piece of shit was home I would have thrown him out the window.  And then something happened that I couldn’t control.
An urgent bubble in my chest swelled so quickly that I didn’t have enough time to stop the tears.  A raw sob was choked out of me and racked my entire body forcing me to collapse in a messy heap.  Tears blurred my eyes and snot covered my upper lip before dripping to my mouth. 
It was ugly, messy and unleashed.  Nothing mattered except for the myriad of emotions that were bottled deep inside.  Fuck, I thought I dealt with all that crap. I guess I was wrong.  I wailed, hating every sob, choke and spatter of the goo that was now in my mouth and smeared all over my face.  Yeah, I was a fucking mess.
I didn’t know how long I was on the carpet.  I listened between hiccoughs as the noises outside got louder.  The neighbourhood shops were opening and life was merging from sleep stained eyes.  I managed to sit up pulling my knees to my chest and fold my arms around them.  The rocking motion just happened as I sat and swayed.  The room grew as sunlight filled the space.  It felt warm against my tear stained cheek.  And despite my personal misery, the world still continued and revolved around that giant ball of gas that was our sun. 
My eyes closed and I turned towards the heat that peeped through the window.  Scents from the neighbouring shops filled my lungs as I inhaled the spicy aroma of the local coffee shop bakery.  Even that sour odour of the Diner’s garbage cans that wasn’t collected was comforting to my high strung senses.  This miserable place that I found myself living in was my place.  I wouldn’t call it home, but it was a spot away from everything else when I needed the time to shut down and simply be.  Now, even this dingy apartment was taken away from me.
I grunted as stubborn pride forced my liquid limbs to find strength and stand as I stumbled towards the overflowing butt tray.  With gentle fingers I lifted the offending heap and carried it to the trashcan and dumped the mess.  As if the ceramic dish was the Queen’s Crowned Jewels I washed the pretty teal and swirls of deeper blues with loving caresses. 
Benny wasn’t going to be the man that broke me.  He was too lazy, and self indulgent to be worthy of my emotional break down.  I wasn’t going to give him that victory.  I had other plans for dear Benny as a nasty grin curled over my full lips.  Yep, poor Benny didn’t have a clue that I could be a ruthless, merciless bitch.  I was going to ruin his day, and if I was lucky the rest of the month.
I crossed the room, a plan forming in my head to get rid of all things Benny when the flashing light of my laptop caught my attention.  Curious, I stepped towards the blinking red light before I scowled knowing Benny used my personal computer when he had his own to use.  Mine was just more expensive and a better quality.  What a lazy motherfucker.   He couldn’t use his own slow ass shit. 
Another wave of hot anger was building up inside me as I jerked the mouse to unlock my sleeping computer.  What I saw drained the sour expression from my face.
My personal email had a message.  I nibbled my lower lip and felt the heavy pulse of blood pound in my veins.  Please, let this be what I think it is.  I clicked and found the most glorious set of names boldly typed and stamped on my computer screen.  As crazy as it was my body shook when I clicked the email and took that first breath.
Dear Miss Lucy Ward:
It is Solicitors Banks & MacTurney’s pleasure to inform you that our employer has agreed to hire you as a caretaker of his summer cottage for the contracted period of twelve months.  A reply is urgent due to the nature of our client’s needs.  Arrangements will be made as soon as you have replied with your acceptance.  We are looking forward to your response.
Jared Banks, Solicitor
I sat back and reread the message three more times to digest what it implied.  I was hired to house sit a cottage in the Highlands of Scotland for a period of twelve months.  Twelve months away from Benny, from my crappy job, and my less than ideal life.
“Holy shit,” I gasped. 
 I could feel my eyes bulge out of their sockets and my mouth chant those two words over and over again until I was fairly yelling them out loud.
I slapped my hand over my mouth and jumped out of the chair and bounced up and down not caring that old man Grissom was going to pound on his ceiling to get me to stop.  The shit-eating-grin on my face basically said it all. I yelled another whoop and without another thought I scrambled to the laptop and took a steady breath and replied.  I wanted to write hell yes sign me up, but I thought it would be wise to act like a respectable employee and behave accordingly.  So, I took several deep breathes and replied to Mr. Jared Banks.
There was no hesitation when I sent my response.  And the heavy weight that was surrounding me was suddenly gone.  I laughed.  It was honest and pure, filled with something that I had seemed to have lost a while back.  It was hope.  I, Lucy Ward, sexual misfit, was heading across the pond to start a new adventure.  Fuck yeah, life was getting better.
I skipped around the room, before entering my bedroom singing, “No more Benny, no more books, no more peoples’ horny looks.”  
I chanted it for a while feeling wonderful.  And regardless of my peculiar problem with the horny factor, I was still grateful that I was leaving small town, Logan.  I was going to Scotland
A salacious smile filled my features.  I was hugely looking forward to finding out what Scottish men wore under their kilts.  I had a fairly good idea, but then I was always the curious girl that had to check things out for myself.
The earlier weariness from my horrible shift at work and the heart ache of Benny’s thoughtlessness was long forgotten   I was giggling as I strolled inside my bedroom. My suitcase was tugged out of the closet and thrown on the unmade bed.  There was no point staying where I was.  I had a few people that would let me sleep on their couch or in their bed if I wanted.  And from the mood that I was in, I wouldn’t mind a few nights of sex.  The only decision I had to make was whether I wanted girl on girl sex, guy on girl sex, or maybe both.  Yeah, my life seemed to be getting better.    

The End...for now.
Note: I'm still learning and striving to improve my craft, so any constructive comments would be appreciated.  Thanks and Cheers!



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