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Monday, 25 November 2013

Thanks Fate, for you know...

November is the month where a lot of heartache begins for me, but I'm not here to reflect that part of my memories.  I am here to tell a tale of how Fate opened my younger self to bonds of family beyond blood.

My mother divorced my father when I was young. We all moved to Ontario, my mom, my sister and I.  We lived with my Granny for a bit.  And somewhere along the way my mom fell in love and was swept off her feet.  Yet, again we moved to Quebec, to Montreal.  And there for two little English speaking girls who only knew a handful of French words stood on the cusp of venturing to the local playground once the unpacked boxes settled.

Children are resilient, and courageous, even when they don't think they are.  As I reflect these moments in my past I release how courageous I truly was.

My sister and I lived two houses down from the local park.  We lived on a Boulevard where the bungalow homes were almost "Leave It to Beaver" picturesque. Although there were no white picket fences, just freshly cut front lawns and well kept flowerbeds.  My mother told us to go outside and play at the park. In the 80's life was simpler, less scary and threatening.  So off we went, but I can honestly say I was terrified. It was another new town.

Would there be kids there? Would I have to talk with them?  Did they speak French? Did they speak English? Numerous questions tumbled in my head, but regardless of how scary it was for me I had my younger sister to help stir my courage.  As we approached the park, we saw two little boys playing at the far left end on one of those short stubby slides that were wide and had a mini jungle gym attached.

There was a whole park to play in and somehow, my sister and I gravitated to the area where these little boys played.  I guess children just want to be with other children despite language barriers.  I remember approaching, hesitant, yet curious too.  Then I heard words that changed my young life and to this day I am completely grateful for it.

One of the little boys smiled and said, "Do you want to play with us?"

What were the chances of two little English speaking boys playing at the park?  Fate?  What is even more incredible is that these boys lived directly across the street from us.  We could have waved at each other from our bedrooms.  Fate?

Some people question the term Fate and wonder if it is truly real.  I believe wholeheartedly.

From that moment, I was gifted with friends that were like my brothers.  So, family to me is where my heart guides me  And I found family with these two wonderful boys who I shared many adventures with on a daily basis.  My love embraced their parents as if they were my parents.  And our two families became one bigger family.

For a scary time in my life, when I moved to a new neighbourhood, in a new province, I found a bond that to this day is strong and vital to my well-being which  I am grateful and blessed.  I love them, those two little boys now grown men with their own amazing families and I am honoured to still be a part of their lives.  So many wonderful memories, even now I'm tearing up between laughing and crying.

I have lost so much, my dad, my mom, my uncle, my aunt and all my grandparents on both sides of the Family.  Yet, I still have Family were it counts.  Family not only connected through blood, but by bonds of love. My heart is open to possibilities that I may not understand, but I know it is guided by something more than just me.   Fate?

So, if anyone wonders if I believe in Fate. *grins and winks* Things happen, good and bad and we can either embrace it or not.  So why not just step forward and say okay and keep moving forward, because you never know what's around the next bend.

Take care and cheers,

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