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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

A Journey and a Dream

I know today is usually reserved for a wicked whimsy, but in my defense I've been a bit bogged down last week and the beginning of this week.  The reason is quite simple yet complex.  I've been learning so many things about what truly goes on when an author writes a book, finds the courage to submit it and the flurry of activity when the labour of love is accepted by that publisher who sees the worth in the long hours of creating a hope and a dream.

No doubt I will make mistakes, I'm human just like everyone else.  No doubt people who decide to take a chance on me as a new author will either love my stories or not.  Some reviews might be gracious and enthusiastic concerning my novel while others less so.  And I accept that not everyone will love my novel as much as I do.  However it will not stop me from writing the next one or the next one after that and so forth.  I'm a writer.  I believe this to the depth of my soul that I am meant to immerse myself into this wonderful and challenging adventure.  It seems with everything that is new to me I have to take that leap of faith and plunge feet first.

In the beginning this journey, I thought all I had to do was just write, submit, cross my fingers and pray that someone would like my novel enough to take a chance on a new author.  It is so much more than that naive belief.  The work that goes on behind a novel getting published is just as intense as writing it!  And to be honest it is just as terrifying and exhilarating as submitting for the first time.

There have been bouts of self-doubt and unease that accompanied me through this new phase, but the wise words of my daughter saved me from my own sabotage. "You're over thinking it."

Thinking is good.  Thinking too much on anything is bad.  Why? Self-sabotage.  That important part in your intuition called the gut feeling seems to fade growing smaller and smaller until there is a bare thread of its original and powerful size. So, advice taken to heart, I tell myself to stop over thinking and follow my intuition.

I've armed myself with tons of books of the how-to's in the realm of publishing, editing, promoting and have talked with numerous people, authors, readers, friends and family about the whole damn process.  Some advice given has conflicted with others, but on the whole the majority of family and friends have been encouraging the new path I have taken.  But in the end it's my intuition and heart that will guide me.  Armed with knowledge but guided by my heart will be my new mantra.

So here is the result of that leap of faith and hard work. My novel, My Everything (The Lycan Princes) is in the process of being released early October.  Thanks to everyone who has followed my journey thus far.  Take care and have a great and wonderful day. Cheers. I did it!

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