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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Change is a very good thing.

Hi, sorry that 's been forever since I last gave a shout out or even a naughty tale.  I've been busy reorganizing my life since I was let go from my previous employment.  However, it has been the best thing in my life since the birth of my daughter, which was a long time ago.

I mentioned earlier that I wrote my first m/m erotic novel a while back, and basically sat on it for almost a year.  I had to rewrite it because something about it wasn't sitting well with me.  It could have been newbie author nerves.  Regardless, it was rewritten and submitted to an e-publisher this past June.  So, I guess you could say I was much happier with the rewrite.

Since I revamped my life, my novel and now my blog, I feel like a brand new woman.

I've started the next novel, Book 2 of the one I previously submitted.  It has been flowing so well that I'm amazed how quickly this one is being written. It true that once you get something important to you done, the next important project just flows like a river of chocolate, thick, sweet,and oh so tempting to nibble on.  And there's one thing I love that is decadent, besides a couple of hunky hot men, is chocolate.

Hmmm, now the naughty muse is churning some interesting thoughts in my head.  Better write it down quick because who knows where it will lead.  Until later.  Cheers.

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