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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

It's Release Day for Siren Author Allyson Young!

Hi everyone, today I'm thrilled to have Siren Author Allyson Young on my blog! It’s the Release Day for her novel Enough (Club Pleasure 7).  Awesome!  So sit back and enjoy!  Take care and cheers!

Allyson Young lives in cottage country in Manitoba, Canada with her husband of many years and numerous pets. She worked in the human services all across Canada and has seen the best and worst of what people bring to the table. Allyson has written for years, mostly short stories and poetry, published in small newspapers and the like, although her work appeared in her high school yearbooks too! After reading an erotic romance, quite by accident, she decided to try her hand at penning erotica.
Allyson will write until whatever she has inside her is satisfied- when all the heroes man up and all the heroines get what they deserve. Love isn’t always sweet, and Allyson favours the dark side of romance.

ENOUGH (Club Pleasure 7)

Jordan Sterling is well aware he can't pursue a career as a psychologist without resolving his own central issue—that of never feeling enough. Emily Brown applied at Club Pleasure before, only to run before actually entering the scene, feeling fearful and undeserving.
Jordan accepts Emily as a training submissive, and she has no intention of falling for her Dom, hoping only to overcome traumatic childhood issues impacting her adult relationships and find some future happiness.
Fighting their attraction, Jordan gives Emily mixed messages, making her his exclusive Club submissive and collaring her. She comes to accept what love looks and feels like, and, no longer a coward, she tells her Dom, who immediately rejects her.
Devastated—and furious, Emily must accept being released. No longer vanilla, she attends a sister club where Jordan, coming to his senses, finds her. He gives her what she needs. Him. He’s enough for her, just as she is enough for him.

Enjoy this adult excerpt from Enough, Club Pleasure 7

Jordan’s big hands massaged Emily from her shoulders downward and up again, striving to loosen her tense muscles. When he withdrew, she heard the rustle of fabric and understood he was removing his clothes, not just freeing his cock, and her heart lurched at the implication. Not just about fucking then…
The bed dipped and he lay on his back beside her. She lifted her head and met his eyes, falling into their depths, searching for what she desperately wanted to believe was available—to her. If only she could recognize it. Jordan blinked and the moment was lost.
“Can you shift over me? Are you too sore?”
“No.” She rose to her knees and he helped her straddle him, his heavy erection flirting with her moistening pussy folds.
“We’ll let last night pass, sweetheart. Move on.” Jordan toyed with her collar. “I’m not certain it even deserved a correction, although your safety remains paramount.”
The condition of my heart is paramount, Master. Emily managed to nod, dropping her eyes to survey his developed chest. His hands moved to cover her breasts, lifting their weight and gently squeezing them, trailing his fingertips over her nipples. She rocked against his cock and the smile she coveted lit up his face.
“Put me inside you.”
Levering upwards, she guided the wide head to her gate and slowly, tantalizingly, took him into her body, relishing the way he stretched her to capacity, until he bottomed out at her cervix. Pacing herself, she raised and lowered over the stiff, thick length of him, occasionally swiveling to grind against the hidden nerve laden patch high in the front of her sheath. Lights sparked behind her eyes each time she made contact with that special place and her cream flooded down around Jordan’s cock, creating that certain, rich, fluid sound of sexual connection.
He continued to play with her breasts, tweaking the nipples, sometimes to the point of pain, sometimes merely to sensitize her and she slowly built to a pinnacle, yet was afraid for it to end. She thought she’d lose whatever they had if she climaxed, that little death, and stared down at him, tossing her hair out of the way. His face was strained with pleasure and he met her eyes, his iris almost liquid chocolate with need. Her hips faltered in their rhythm and he gripped her waist to turn with her, taking over their congress, powering in and out with practiced thrusts. Her G-spot responded with a vengeance and Emily went over, wrapping up her Dom within a desperate clutch of her sheath, arms and legs. Jordan moaned his release into her shoulder and she spoke into the ensuing silence, tears pouring down her cheeks.
“I love you.”
Rolling away, their combined fluids spilling out to coat her thighs, Jordan flopped onto his back. He rubbed a hand across his face and spoke the words she feared the most. “I’m sorry, sweetheart. I can’t love anyone. I’m sorry.”
His rejection made her woozy, and pain splintered in a radius around her heart. Maybe she’d chosen the wrong time to say it. But there’d never be a right one. She clambered off the bed and hurried to the attached bathroom, spying the sink through the open doorway. It took a few minutes to clean up, but Jordan didn’t join her and she accepted he’d stated his case. She didn’t plan to give him more time to mouth platitudes and remind her that love was never in their arrangement. As if love could be dictated by a contract.
Entering the bedroom, she found her little pile of clothes beside the robe he’d covered her in downstairs. With true Jordan thoroughness, no matter his obvious discomfort earlier, he’d brought her outfit along with them, and she’d never been so grateful for his dependability. Turning her back to him, she pulled them on quickly, as he did what she feared—said and did things to squeeze her heart and rend it further asunder. She rebuffed his offer of finding her another Dom, and then regretted having an outburst about Olivia. Two for two.
The look on Jordan’s face when she challenged his feelings about Olivia told her just how far she’d stepped over the line, and she decided to cut her losses. She wasn’t sure how she’d cope, but he wasn’t her Dom any longer, wasn’t meant to be in her life. She’d figure it out like she always had, and she was a better person, a stronger woman after her time with him. Enough was enough. Onward.
“Good bye, Jordan.” She slipped out the door and allowed it to shut quietly behind her.
It wasn’t difficult to find the stairs and descend them, hanging tightly to the railing for support, but once she was in the hallway, she had no idea where she might go. It was as if Club Pleasure’s blueprint had turned into a labyrinth in her brain, and she struggled to find the way out. Casting her eyes left, then right, a familiar arch caught her attention and she made her way in its direction. Her body didn’t seem to belong to her. It moved sluggishly, without impetus and Emily realized it was because she’d left her heart behind in that room. With Master Jordan.
Well, what had she expected, really? He’d been clear from the start. No matter the way he’d caught her fleeing that second night and enticed her inside, it had all been about training her, releasing her twisted pain, and helping her establish herself. Not about a long term relationship. Not about love. That in itself had initially been reassuring, and his honesty had inspired her to take the chance, to become the someone she might have been if not for the attentions of her uncle. Peeling all those horrible, confining and blurring labels away without strings. Because she’d known better than to lose her heart. So tell that particular organ the facts then—it had functioned independently from her brain, and now resided in the unwelcoming grasp of Master Jordan Sterling.
A sob tore up her throat and she swallowed against it. No sense in dwelling on it. He had feelings for her—she believed he loved her, as much as she understood that emotion, but for whatever reason, he lied to himself. And that made him a coward. She didn’t have time for cowards, having only just conquered that weakness herself. Laying it on the table, that famed D/s honesty and communication, had only garnered her the pain of humiliation and the agony of loss. Enough. Enough. Jordan’s edict, way back in beginning resonated in her head and it straightened her shoulders, focused her mind and gave her the strength to haul her empty self straight through the Club, past the scene rooms, the meet and greet area and through the foyer. Mallory passed over her little bag without comment, although the worry was clear in her eyes.
She struggled with the heavy door, and Maurice was instantly there, a concerned look on his face.
“You’re not driving. You’ll wait until I speak with your Master.”
She tested her dissembling skills. “He knows I’m leaving, Master Maurice. And he’s not my Master any longer by mutual accord. I’m released. And now I’m running behind, Sir.” Making an airy gesture she smiled widely, believing it to be true, and carried it off. So maybe her maladaptive coping skills weren’t all bad after all.
Maurice narrowed his eyes on her, then gave an abrupt nod. “You drive safe. No more speeding tickets.”
She managed a convincing laugh, squeezing out the humorous reminder of that past costly ticket. “I won’t. Thank you.”
As she slipped past him and hurried down the steps, he called out, “Maybe give Susan a call. She was saying how she’d like to connect with you.”
Somehow, she kept her gait steady, and called back over her shoulder. “I’d like that.” Not a lie, but no intention. Susan seemed a very nice person, and she had to be special to be with Maurice, but Emily was done with Club Pleasure and anything involving the place.
Her little car crouched in the lot under good lighting and Maurice’s careful eye. She slid into the seat and stabbed the keys at the ignition, missing the first time, the metal scraping along the steering post in a grating sound that made her nerves thrum. But she succeeded on the second attempt, and the engine turned over, thanks to the regular tune-ups Jordan had insisted on, and she threw it in gear, barely remembering to pull out with decorum. She had her pride, after all, battered once again, but maybe the only thing she had left from this debacle, and no way was she giving Maurice a reason to follow up.
 Eyes burning, but dry, she drove carefully and steadily in the direction of her apartment, wondering how she was going to face the future without Jordan in it.


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