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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wicked Whimsy

Yes, it is time for another wicked whimsy.  I love writing these little snippets and see where my naughty mind goes with each new picture chosen for Wednesdays.  Have a wicked and naughty Wednesday.  Take care.  Cheers!

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 Wicked Whimsy # 4

A soft smile covered Marshall’s kiss bruised lips.  He watched Davis saunter naked from the steam-licked archway of the bathroom door. Droplets of water cascaded down his lover’s torso, snaking to the thick bush of hair cradling the cock that bobbed with each step forward.

He whimpered entranced with the delicious morsel of cock that tasted like ambrosia.  Marshall rolled to he back and slide his body to the edge of the bed.  A sultry smile covered his lips. His aqua blue eyes darkened with his growing lust.  He licked his lips.

“Come here, Davis.  I need your fat cock in my mouth.”

Heavily muscled thighs sprinkled with dark hair moved to either side of Marshall’s head.  He panted admiring the red swollen tip of his lover’s cock inches away from his watering mouth.  Precum dripped on his lips and face forcing another moan.  He opened his mouth with a lusty sigh, grabbed the back of meaty thighs and forced the thick shaft down the silken wet walls of his throat.

He moaned and sucked harder swallowing the rush of salty precum down his convulsing throat.

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