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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Wicked Wednesday's Whimsy

Hi everyone, it's another awesome Wednesday and time for another naughty whimsy to share.  Sorry for being MIA last week.  I had tons of things to do, a mini vacation, edits on the second book, and I even started the first two chapters of my next book.  So the flurry of activity has left me breathless, but I wouldn't change it for the world!  Enjoy the whimsy.  Cheers!
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Wicked Whimsy # 3

There was something sensual watching Etienne swim in the clear waters of the lagoon.   The bronze sculpture of his muscled ass poked through the cerulean surf. Lean strong arms cut through the warm depths gliding his sinewy length across the surface. 

Jesse watched avidly, his brown eyes focused on the water.  His hand glided down his sweat slick torso to the tight curls that surrounded his cock.  Nimble fingers traced the thickening length until the bulbous head was shiny with pre-cum.  His fist grabbed the thick hard muscle and squeezed.  He moaned and began a slow tug on his cock.

The surface of the water broke a few feet away from the lagoon’s edge.  Etienne’s blue eyes sparkled with interest when he leaned against the rocky ledge and watched Jesse stroke the fat cock in his fist.  He stared as the younger man arched his back, his hand a blur until the creamy spurt of seed arced in to the air landing a few inches from his folded arms.

Jesse panted eyes half-closed from his release.  He gave a thumb up and smirked.

“I love watching you swim.”


Laurie P said...

Wow...that's was a hot excerpt.
Laurie P

Jorja Kish said...

Thanks Laurie...*giggles* it was hot and a lot of fun to write too!